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Jedi Home III - Temple Edition

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Come soon to a server near you! Keep an eye out, I'll be updating this topic soon with a link to our website where you can find all the answers and more about this project that's been two years in the making!
This map will be {P} The Pride Clans first public contribution and my first public release in years... I'm back! ;)













Please  note most of this is early WIP. Much of my prebuilt area's are undergoing a refit. Theirs still a lot of detailing to go, and many other area

s to add in. Overall I have 75 % of the map built, now it's just time to put it all together, get it up and running, detailing, and fine tuning.

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Word of caution: don't get clan time get in the way of map time. :D Don't get distracted.


(This is where you say "sir, yes, sir!" XD)

HAHA Don't worry, it will get done. I did do some work on it, just nothing exciting. I got the main hanger shaped out and sized, the hanger lobby put back in and working again, then I spent some time on one of it's secrets... ;) Now I'm sadly messing with my websites template. :

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Holy F- That makes the original 2 look like utter trash! No offence but this new version looks amazing.

HAHA LOL to quote Dooku 'This is only the beginning!" Currently working on the Republic Hanger section. Anoek is working on the trials and training area. We really hope to give clans more then just an aesthetic reason to use this map.

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Some updates to the exterior main courtyard. Far from complete and yes I hate the fog in the pit too, I'll need to design a new one. LOL Zv2yuo8.jpg


I'll also be editing my sky a bit more obviously to fill in what would be the structure around this said courtyard. from here you would be able to see higher structure on the jedi's home side (indicated with the JK logo) and a high tower above for it's council chamber.
Theirs a few different spots where this kind of work will be done before finally adding a skyportal allowing moving vehicles etc.

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Your first and second Jedi Homes are LEGENDARY. I'm very glad you came back again to give it a third, and even better, makeover. I'm definitely using this when it's released! :D

I must sadly correct you. I am NOT Shadowstone... I am merely continuing this line of maps since he is no longer (for many years) a part of our community. However before his departure I spoke to him and asked if some day it would be alright to make a v3 since he was not planning to make one. He said sure. So here it is many many years later.


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Thank you for carrying on where Shadowstone left off, and thank you for expressing such intense skill in the execution of this task. This map is glorious, absolutely glorious, and I eagerly and patiently await its release. It's really stunning what you're accomplishing here.

Well I always really liked these maps, so like any thing else I am trying to give it all the attention and quality it deserves. Today was spent mostly fine tuning and doing a LOT of texture work. As well I spent a bit of it planning out more of it's overall layout etc.

The courtyard being the main spawn point for the entire map imo is the thing that will really set the tone for this project. Please remember while the map as far as overall design is 75% finished (it's layout and different sections) now begins the longer and more difficult part. Putting them all together nicely. Detail's shaders, texture creation and adjustment. Theirs a LOT more to go. So here is one more screeny of the Courtyard as she is tonight. tomorrow she'll be given a whole new level of life using artificial shadows and bloom effects. And hopefully if I can find some one to make them, or I can find some I can import, she'll also get some new tree's. I despise these ugly old things.


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