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  1. Retired, move along... 

    1. Cor



  2. Some VA samples I am working on developing filters and my range for. 


  3. I really need some damn green. O_O ANXIETY


  4. Jedi's Home 3 - Remastered is officially back to being worked on. Hands are sort of okish enough to at least finish it!

  5. A.M.#8198 Feel free to add me on Discord.

  6. Shopping for a new lightsaber and I had an idea that ended in sadness. I want a lightsaber hilt that looks like a warp nessell, but none exsist! 😞 XD LOL

    1. Cor


      Get this😛 :


    2. AngelModder


      HAHA I wish! Not really how they should work but really cool to see we're playing with idea's of how. That's always where it starts, a million no's then finally some day we'll hit a switch and... YES! Some nerd in a garage will stand there. *o* 

    3. AngelModder


      I have Luke Episode 6 on the way.


  7. spacer.png
    Some big changes in progress! A new product unveiling. Soft launch is over, time for the push!

  8. Not one of my maps, a topic for another day but I figure I'll use this to keep you guys up to date once in a while. FOR THIS issue(s) I felt it related! #LucasGames
  9. Ill be doing more of these in the coming weeks all building up to one main video
  10. I wanted to do some thing different the most developers and start a series showing you what I'm working on during the long months of silence of the lambs. Video 1 - Titanic V2 Held back wip teaser!
  11. Follow me on https://www.facebook.com/angel.modder.3 and be sure to please help a brother out and subscribe on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2l7JNBuNL6MlvvUK-7N_Q

  12. Show off your sabers and cos! I bought mine here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/925396187/outcast-all-metal-lightsaber-premium?ref=shop_home_active_1&pro=1&frs=1
  13. Nah I doubt you'll see a map pack. Not really any stand out locations to be honest yet in Mando. Nothing we haven't seen the type of already. Grogu will probably never come if he doesn't come now or around this time. Most wont bother with a model that we wont see scaled properly most of the time.
  14. Like lets be real here a decent baby yoda would win...
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