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  1. The Jedi Temple update - A LOT of work has been done to insure and stabilize vanilla player experience. cleaned up the vis for the veranda, fixed several things for this section in fact. Got the entire map back together which so far includes... * Sections complete and ready to go, Archives wings 1, 3, 5, & 7 (May do more here), the Great Hall, Veranda, Yoda and the youngling's room, Immenor's Meditation Hall, & lower exterior * Coming Ahsoka's bedroom, Yoda's Bedroom, Anakin & Obi Wan's bedroom, Anakin and Obi Wan's Dueling room's 1 & 2, Hall of Knighthood, The Back Door, Hanger (A lot of damn research went into this), & Roof Top. * If nothing else the map will then be nearly finished. There are some personal touches I want to add making use of soo many statues. Around that time I'll be digging into a lot of old jkhub etc record(s) to compile a list of Modder's who've truly made incredible mods. Some may be entire overhauls, while other could be map or player models that set a new bar for people through out the year's. An example would be Rgoer, his sunset on Coruscant set a bat for a lot of us early on, many of his maps did. * Rend2 Compatible - YES | Vulkan Compatible - YES | Vanilla Eternal/OJK/Tayst - YES | OG Base Vanilla - NO (May change in future or at least options made available | SP - Yes/Accept OG Vanilla. * So far we're sitting @ 36,547 Brushes - 23336 Patches - 154 Active Entities
    The sheer amount of technical skill that's hidden in the map is astounding! I want to see more water based maps! Maybe do some dark forces 2 inspire map there was a lot of water channels in one of those levels.
    Absolutely beautiful map! Love just relaxing and getting inspire in this map! Next time make the water a slide...
  2. The little meditation shrines inside of the towers starting to come together, got the candles working @ last. The glass in the great hall finally was replaced with one that is sort of rot iron paned glass with a bit of the natural colors blending through. Massive thanks @Helena Revan for letting me use her little candle flames!
  3. Well today was progressive on flushing things out. Created doors for yellow doors ceiling - Yellow duel is a larger dueling arena built for team gameplays. Created textures to make it clear where the dueling platforms as well as which one is which The roof of the Yellow duel room is the shiny bit in front of the large obelisk/behind the throne. * These dueling platforms lore wise double as places of meditation in the lower levels so they will be detailed out with cushions, small altars, candle, incense, & few holocrons about. I sort of picture a almost sheer like cloth hanging around them and a few old tattered banners. These towers and platforms while not really anything important, they offer dueling space, rp, strafing space, mountain climbing & add atmosphere to the map. The player will spawn roughly along this center line facing south (as seen in pic) towards the dueling wing of the map as well as the roof of which houses aforementioned platform. (see pics 1 & 2) Something important to understand is wherever something was in version 3 it's not only there but it's exactly where it should be comparatively. Take the basement/bunker w/e you call it (where the bar and air vents are) it's exactly as it was in 3 even the rough distance as it was, you turn around north face the academy building (the council room section) go inside go through the hall back outside turn right head about 2-300 yards and voila there will be the new version of the bunker in the new exterior. The new exterior will include many things from versions 1-3. This will all make more sense later in videos I guess and in game play. You will feel right @ home but it'll finally have those touches 2-3 lacked a bit. However I learned from the failure imo that was the jedi's home 3, a map can't just be big and pretty..
  4. Aerial view showing the different dueling platforms outside to act as extras rather than just the same ones from v2/3 interior ones. Would be good for 90 FPS dueling but if you want 125+ go inside, cmn I'm not god I can't make it perfect, good yes, perfect no LOL. Still a ways to go but it's coming along nicely! Feels a bit blank here and there when you're pulled back, but it oddly doesn't feel that way when you're there. Still as I said a few more things to be added tonight before I'd consider everything laid out fully.
  5. Opened up the last layer of it all... This layer is massive. This will give the RP lovers a chance to finally have that feeling in JKA that perhaps you're the first to stand right there and see it from this angle.. Yes you will be able to interact and use that massive layer, I've turned this if you will into sort of the Jedi Variant of the Valley of Kings. This will be shown and explored more in-depth later.
  6. Let me pose a question to you all. The V2/3 are well known and loved and while I have my own ideas about what would've made them better I'd like to hear yours.. I'll list below the changes to the concept I've made. Again it should be stated this is not a critique of Virtues work rather a look forward @ what we expect from V4. 1 - Rend 2 Compatible as well as at least a vanilla variant. 2 - Larger. I wanted and have expanded on the original by 8X the scale of what version 3 was. While not upscaling familiar elements. I took the concept that all of what we saw was either on top of the building or some of the interior of a larger Mayan-like structure. I chose one of the Mayan square pyramids for inspiration of the structure. However, I wanted it to go further with large walls around the structure that contained a massive paradise-like garden filled with ancient secrets. 3 - Secrets. Something I felt the Academy series always lacked was any secrets. In this map every room, hallway etc have at least 1 secret and one interactable. 4 - A story, but less a specific clan-orientated one. While somehow still honoring those the community chose to. This area still is yet to be built, I bet it'll be the last room I build. However, I have considered a set of memorials for some of the most influential modders of all time. The ones who really changed JA. 5 - Last but certainly not least. Training areas up to snuff for even the stingiest base players.. This includes but is not limited to a mountain.
  7. A note these were without the world fog as I later discovered. Still gives you the right vibe but missing that blended feeling it should have. I'll do a video soon and start linking the progress vids here. AngelModder
  8. The project is going fine, I spent some time tonight cleaning up some of the statue meshes. Cut out about 15% of the polys. I managed to remap the texture they are supposed to use back on, however, I went back to the default copper as in the end it just looked better so that was 45 minutes wasted haha... To avoid burnout, I am working on some other various maps but mainly The Academy V4 at the moment. I bounce around to avoid getting fed up So be sure to go over and check that out! It's quiet a different design type then this. However many of the elements of it's build have given me idea's for the JT to go even further than before. What if we go over to the senate building as well???
  9. Which server do you run my friend? ^_^ I am looking for alpha testers... <:D The open feel this map has is incredible, you can explore and find all sorts of ways to different spots you normally can't in maps.
  10. Sooner than you'd expect... Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few textures still need their normal's created such as the smaller obelisk's base.
  11. Well after talking it over with the community I am proud to announce the Academy IV - continuing on Virtue's work. A much expanded on rebuild of the idea.
  12. It should honestly run fine for most people. I've improved the fps issues that were going on with the exterior only at celebration; to be fair that was last minute and rushed. I personally would love to create an SP story for/with this. A lot of painstaking research has gone into this. The next update of photos will begin to show the true direction of graphics this project will showcase. However I am taking my time with the development not just to make sure I get it right but there are certain developments with other mods I am hoping will continue and allow me to exploit all of the latest renovations in JKA's graphics. It's good to see you back Railback!
  13. No pics tonight, but good news. Thanks to adjustments made we've now finally found a way around the maxmapsurfaces issue. The most recent compile now has all the area's I've built for this back in it which means, the rest is a skys the limit thing as long as I keep it balanced. The next week will be spent sewing all of these areas together and cleaning up the expansion of the great hall. It now runs the entire length it should and lead into the Kashyyyk sort of room and the other end to the hall of a thousand fountains. The fountain will be a closely guarded secret until official alpha release @ the 21rst anniversary. Where official hosting will be is still up for debate. However you will get glimpses and peaks, but some of this map I want you all to just experience on your own or with your clan and just be floored. Whether you run base or Rend2 I promise this will be a map like you've never seen before! I am considering bringing on someone to help design some pbr textures. SP/SD are just not my thing.
  14. Well after about 2 dozen compiles and adjustments the lighting in general for the Jedi Temples Lobby is finally where I want it. Still a lot of work to do, the models are acting up etc but it'll get there!
  15. What room in the Jedi Temple do you want to see brought to JKA the most?

  16. Well I wouldn't go that far, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a love for architecture that never got to be used irl. XD But thank you! ^_^ Sorry it's been a minute since ya'll got an update. Some good news finally came and it has finally allowed the map to more than likely reach the full potential I wanted for it!
  17. Jedi Temple Wip update in a few days. 🙂 


  18. Release order as of December 5th 2023. These are currently public announced being worked on projects slated for release in the next year.

    1 - FFA 3 Remastered Vanilla/Rend2 COMING SOON!

    2 - Jedi's Home 3.4 Remastered Edition Vanilla/Rend2 COMING SOON! 

    3 - Kashyyyk Vanilla/Rend2 (Shadowlands MD cut much sooner)

    4 - The Jedi Temple Vanilla/Rend2 MD/MB 

    5 - Mustafar Vanilla/Rend2  

    6 - Korriban Vanilla/Rend2 

    7 - Kotor Dantooine Vanilla/Rend2

    Began but not officially announced. 

    1 - The Star Forge

    2 - The Death Star 

    3 - Illum 

    4 - The Academy V4 in tribute to Virtue.


  19. Update on the archives, lightings allot more balanced got the chairs and tables coming along, the archive texture replaced. need altered a bit on each shelf to not repeat but it looks good. Still working out some shader issues, trying to get the shade angles right here and there etc. Like the pillars look like blocks and well ill get it lined out eventually. Step by step.
  20. The Archives so far, a long ways to go but coming along nicely!
  21. All in good time. Right now I'm doing an important step. Clean up. Which in the end the cleaner the bsp the more I can do.
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