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  1. Maybe this is the right place to put it but if anyone makes AI art in relation to Jedi Academy feel free to share. Here are some sites that can help you make it https://www.midjourney.com/ https://dream.ai/ https://openai.com/product/dall-e-2 There are plenty more but you can search for them yourself. Old Kyle Rosh
  2. I imagine the reference material available is qutie low quality. They look fantastic.
  3. @ForceAdeptBeing Got a few hits on my discord question This is the mother (Abeloth) / Daughter. I'll see if I can get links if your interested. None for Father or Son so far.
  4. I'm using Maya just not for JKA. As I wanted to move to industry standard software. I also use Blender. Will prob have to switch to Zbrush at some point but for now Mudbox serves my needs lol..
  5. I asked around on a popular porting discord and the answer seems to be No, it has not been done. If they happen to be in another video game you can request for them to be ported though as we got a few porters on here. Unfortently they do not seems to be on Galaxy of Heroes. I have seen a fan made model on BF2 2019 but generally that requires a lot more work then porting from GoH. Prob be easier just to remake it yourself.
  6. I'm probably a little late to answer this but ah well. Firstly, the map will always be one big object. Because the importer does not import brushes but draw surfaces. You would have to manually seperate everything in Blender if you wanted to start modifying it. Which to be fair, is not too hard. Now, your first question is a little confusing so I'll assume what your saying is... You can import into Blender fine and the textures show in Blender fine but when you export as fbx or .obj and then load it into Unreal there are no textures correct? If so its because the .fbx will not store the textures so you would need to manually assign the textures in either Unreal or Blender I believe. I think if you do it in Blender you want to make sure they point to your Unreal Project Folder. You also said that the scale was not right. Well, your gonna need to work out the conversion yourself to match the scaling issue because your porting from one engine to another. But I'm presuming your using the blender bsp import tool and stuff so I could be wrong. It's doable for sure though. (What your trying to achieve) just time consuming.
  7. Yea. in particular environments. I'm hoping for some good detention areas on Imperial ships personally, I think it is pretty cool that its set in a time period we know but a lot of the designs and the look of things are quite unique. Some good opportunity for some unique maps.
  8. Well we got 3 episodes out now, So, why not make a topic about stuff you think is cool and would like to see in the game. I like the Bryrar pistol. It looks slightly difference to the one in game. (I presume it is a Bryar pistol lol) I also think the Uniform of the Imperial Mining guards was pretty cool.
  9. And if you waited a longer longer you would of saved urself $$$$ I got similar to you except I went for a ryzen 5900x and 64gb DDR - 3600 memory. DDR5 is nice just too expensive.
  10. Maybe Movie Duels or Galactic Legacy let you change your player model /sabers when you want. Pretty sure both let you pick which missions to play although if its implented on both yet I am not sure and the select mission thing may not apply for the JKA singleplayer campaign just their custom missions. As for the furry thing.... Not sure lol.
  11. I think all of his models should be added to jkhub, far easier to navigate that way. Also not relying on mega to keep the files up. Although if its a legal issue I guess linking to an offsite website like mega is still better than searching through the thread. Because currently people have to either use this thread or scroll through the jkempire discord to find models and hope the links still work which kind of sucks.
  12. I'll try and answer it but I am no expert. @SomaZ being the creator of the Blender bsp plugin knows probably more than anyone about this stuff. @mjt Is also pretty much an expert with this sort of stuff Can full levels be made in blender? No, as far I know you can not. You can block out levels sure and create more complex structures to be exported as models ye. You can also bake the lighting in Blender with Somaz's plugin but some stuff requires NRC. How to make JKA shaders work in blender to include system shaders? Ideally import a bsae map into blender and just look at a base map with shaders and you will see how it is done Your other two questions I'm not sure, never messed about much with Terrain. Importing from blender to Net-Radiant Custom, import small parts little by little or full blown levels. https://discord.gg/CbHD93GSZS This is the link for the blender bsp/md3 exporter/importer. Currently Somaz recommends Blender 2.9.3 I believe. Baking light maps from blender into the game : It's doable with the plugin for sure, although I've never had a need to do it, There is an import option you have to tick then you can just bake in blender and export I believe Known limitations such as polycount or conflicts. I have yet to run into an issue with max tris. I am sure there is one but I've yet to find it. For example I can import a model with a millon tris and it will load into the game. It will just tank the fps for me from like 300 fps to 30 fps. That being said, this can be improved upon greatly by using a modern renderer like Rend2, Vulkan and Xycaleths updated Opengl 4.0 renderer I believe. A guide would be an excellent idea now that most people have more modern PCs I think mappers should be making more use of custom models made in the likes of Blender to improve their maps. Yea, previously it was avoided because of the fps hit but nowdays with better PCs and people working on improved renderers the fps hit is really not that bad.
  13. Bubbles


    Great map. It is massive and still have not explored it all. Some great climbing sections to play and although they can be quite fustrating are quite fun. A few minor issues like some textures not showing on some of the lights I think but other than that it is fantastic.
  14. I am looking for basically any and all mustafar maps. I know about these two. I also have MB2, Galatic Legacy and Movie Duels install. I have a feel that these mods reuse SJCs map. Although do not know for certain. So ye, trying find Mustafar based maps. If anyone knows of any plz share.
  15. Now fixed. If anyone else has these issue refer to Mjt's guide and make sure to download https://icculus.org/gtkradiant/downloads/1.5/gamepacks/ja-example-maps-2005-01-16.tar.gz
  16. OpenJK and I think EternalJK both come with linux binaries. So there is no need to run the game using proton or wine. https://builds.openjk.org/ If you scroll down you will see there are linux builds that are already built and ready to download. If wine works for you that's fine, personally I do not see the point of using it when the OpenJK supports linux.
  17. I think you done a good job. That being said... You made your job a lot harder by specifying it had to look like Angela Harry. From my brief googling the amount of actual reference pictures is very small. I probably would of based it off Jyn Erso, who has a ton of reference pics. :P.
  18. I wonder if 1.4 uses multi threading for compiling. I think maybe 1.5 does if you specify it. I believe with NRC its enabled by default. So build times should be a lot faster. I also agree with MJT it is just easier to work with. I imagine it takes some adjusting though if your used to 1.4
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/app/6020/discussions/ This, I believe has been an issue for a while now. The JKA masterlist is down if you are using base JKA via steam/gog install or via just playing straight from the CD. Maybe someone could confirm this but I am pretty sure it is the case going by all the comments on the steam discussions about it and my own experience. I know for many the answer is just to update the masterlists to point to jkhub and the other one or just download openjk/eternal. But for a lot of 'casual' players of JKA they probably will not take the time to try and work that shit out. If they cant get into a game they will probably assume its dead and giveup. What's odd is I installed base JK2 and master.jk2.ravensoft.com seems to be working fine still and I can still get a serverlist. Seems to be just JKA that is the issue. Be cool if someone could look into this or something. Kinda sucks that many people who buy the game wont even play multiplayer because they cant get see any servers.
  20. I usually just extract to the desktop or wherever tbh. Doesn't really matter I think. I believe the gamepacks just add extra things like example maps and shit.
  21. Forums not very active atm so I thought I'll start this (Hopefully this is the right section) Although this is the OpenJK section your stuff doesn't have to be exclusively done with OpenJK i.e a stupid effect for a gun or whatever. If you messed up and/or created something crazy or funny feel free to share it. My first attempt at creating a kind of DBZ type blast like a powerball thing like a kamehameha. I kinda done it all in my head though, when I checked out a DBZ video they all seem to be blue lol. Not mine just testing out a Fish Eye Lense ( alot better now) This was me just trying replace the amprotect with a powerup effect from DBZ Not quite sure what happened here. : D This was an attempt at porting Vertex's Bespin map made for Unreal Engine 4 into JKA. Never did get round to texturing it or doing the lighting. It ran pretty well but as you could see there were some dips in the frame rate. Adding a rear view mirror to JKA because..... why not! lol. This was just adding EternalJK's Playernames to OpenJK but also showing HP
  22. Think EternalJK might have first person with cg_fpls to 1 Probably a big buggy though
  23. Not sure if this has been posted before so thought I'd share.
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