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Jedi Home III - Temple Edition

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What inspirational photos... Brings me right back to what captivated me about this project; unique aesthetics pushing the edges of what the game is capable of and inspiring all sorts of ideas of the stories I could tell. Fantastic, utterly fantastic.

Thank you mate. As I said atm Im just vug fixing and adding final touch ups. Still need to make the night versions sky box but ill get to is this week. Waiting on the arrival of one more secret are a contributor is building and then its just the final compile.

Atm im working on small stuff like the Jabba and smoothing out the lighting here and there.

I cant say when I will finally release it just know that it will be very soon.

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Been finishing up the admin room. A speciam room hidden in the map that can only be reached by tele cords. From this room you can control forcefields allowing you to seal off vital areas for what ever purpose you might have. Open and close certain windows as well as some other environmental controls like music. Tele cords to the room will be provided in the readme for admin use.

This room will also provide you with a view of the main lobby and quick teleports to all vital areas of the map rather then having to use tele cords etc.


The golden jabba statue is getting its final texture work this weekend to give it more depth. Anoek will be starting on her secret contribution within the next week. After that the maps release will be finally schedualed.


At this time I am looking for some one willing to record and cut a demo trailer for the map as well as a small about jh3 video I would like to do.

If any one is interested please pm me on here with ur info and some demobstrations of ur abilities.

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The admin room is a really good idea, especially about the music. That's going to make things a lot easier to manage, literally and figuratively. The force fields could be quite handy too! I really like all of the details you've thought up for this.

I plan to add a button for each base track as well as the music included with the map.

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I like your Kermit rendition of a Hutt. Fairly impressive work coming from a person who puts his modding first, and living conditions second. You have captured my full attention sir.

Well not sure how to take that but yea he eventually ended up as just a golden statue. I thought he looked like a fat Kermit as well haha. Hence his plaque will say Kermit the hutt. I do not place modding before my personal life despite false media the opinion of such is based on tgose from an outside point of view. Its quiet the opposite other wise the map would have been done years ago. I feel bad that it has taken so long. And some things it has cost me were for good reasons in the end.


I can no longer use my hands as I once did for drawing and violin as creative outlets. For many years mapping now is my only way. While yes I keep my identity in other engine's separate from each other I do so in order to not become a huge name. What I do I do for you not to build a reputation. I could not care less what others think of me. Not to say that harshly but thats the truth.


I didnt create jh 1 or 2 i merely got permission to continue the series on so I did. For all of you. Just as I shall continue on another name sake for the fans. < Spoiler

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I am just thankful to see the creativity pouring out from you in whatever capacity you want to share it. I'm glad that you were able to direct those energies somewhere, and I am grateful to see how far this has come. I've been inspired from the first time I saw that courtyard, and I cannot wait.

[Actually, I can wait patiently, but I'm eager never the less.]

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Things are progressing smoothly so far the last two secret areas are in development and on there way. I just completed another I had an idea for. Sort of a jedi court room like from the clone wars series.

Its pretty tricky to get to though!


Other then that the cleanup job continues. Amazing how many thibgs u overlook when building this big of a map. Small things like forgetting to textyre the bottom edge of certain doors. haha

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Oh! Wow, that's great that you're finding it though! So many people miss those little quirks, but you're getting it nice and polished for the release. I like the idea of a courtroom! That's great! That raises even more opportunities.

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Some changes to the main courtyard, the previously windowed textured sections have been replaced with actual hallways (none accessible) and the circular structure now move to its intended home above the senate section. zHNbC4P.jpg


Believe it or not but the hallways use no brush work to pull off there details. I just took a picture of the section built out in gtk and then tiled it as desired on the patch work of the hallways. 




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That is super creative!


I can understand why you took the Jedi Outcast symbol and little xwing symbol down off the pylons above the sections, though I did find them charming.


Nice to see some more beautiful pictures of the progress! Excellent work!

You're not the first to bring them up, I may put them back. What would I put to represent the Senate though. Don't say palpatine XD!

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