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  1. I do remember a water temple map based on the OoT for JKA. From what I remember I only ever saw screenshots. Hopefully someone has it.
  2. True. @tomjka JKA is a small community there is not a load of active mappers just ready to do some freelance stuff. Also no offence but you just made a new account to post this so no one knows who you are. I'd recommend giving at least some kind of outline of what you want / attempting to do.
  3. I dont think ID Tech 6 is open source. Also using ID tech 6 because JK2 was made with the quake 3 engine does not seem like a worthwhile reason to use ID Tech 6. Is it? A few new weapons and much bigger areas. The biggest detraction of the single player to me has always been the poor AI.
  4. It sounds cool but there have been a lot of attempts at a fan made remake. Most fail and quite a few others fail to attract a decent player base. Think the issue is there is only a limited amount of people with nostalgia for the JK series.
  5. If he isnt actually dead that is some crazy trolling. Sounds like something he may do though.
  6. Most of the community are aware of this issue but as I noticed a fair amount of people are still getting 'crashes' or kicked from servers due to this error so I thought I'd make a post. This is an issue with the Eternaljk client and a malicious person can trigger this to cause people to be kicked from the server. The fix is /cg_defaultmodelrandom 0 I believe JoF have their own eternaljk client which fixes this issue as well.
  7. Huge understatment but yea, fantastic.
    Fantastic map for its time.
  8. What mod ideas you got? I think a PUGB style shrinking map would be a good idea in which once you die you go to spec. Very simple gamemode but but benefit is can be done just via a map editing. With health pick ups and weapon pick ups littered all over the place.
  9. I think a more formal way of asking might of been better. e.g. how much you need and what you plan to do if you got your new PC might of been better. Not gonna bust your balls over it. That all being said not gonna donate for a new PC so you can work on future projects if I have no idea what you are even working on. (Have a pretty good idea though) Good luck. 😛
  10. I think the issue is they want to ensure people are not playing with OpenJK/Eternal due to cvar unlocks. Try asking on https://discord.gg/tsVvA2wM The JKCommunity discord you might find more luck there.
  11. The issue is you will need to tweak them yourselves to get them to your liking. Which is why most people dont do requests because the best person to do it is the person who wants it. I sent you a PM with a link with those values changed to your liking but it is pretty crappy.
  12. Bubbles


    Hate this map with a passion.
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