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  1. Yea I was quite active on the forums. It would of been nice for the project files to be released but ah well. It really did look like it was quite far along. I also think they choose a good engine instead of sticking to JKA. I think an issue with sticking to JKA when making total conversion mods is it is just seen as another mod for JKA and does not attract new players. A standalone project can in my view attract more people.
  2. You guys remember this? https://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-the-new-era Just a bit of nostaglia and regret. I had high hopes for this project at the time. Sucks that it died.
  3. His channel only lists stuff related to the star wars project. Maybe they gave him the green light for pateron. It would depend if he specfically asked if using Patreon was ok.
  4. The difference is irrelevant its how Lucas arts interpret it. I personally find it hard to believe that none of that money will go to funding the project but it doesnt bother me.
  5. Sorry was not clear. I meant if EA/Lucas arts complained about their assets being used in what is basically machinima then EA/Lucas arts would be douchebags. I dont see that happening though. A lot of garry mod movies used stolen assets from Star wars games and other games without issue. The only difference here is the popuarlity of the project. That being said he does have a patreon which a bit on the dodgy side when your doing this type of project as Lucas arts could interpret that as making money off of their IP.
  6. If its just a fan made movie/series then they would have to be massive douchebags to do that.
  7. There are quite a lot of tutorials out there. Though not as much now as there used to be due to websites losing down. Maybe users could go through old forums and ones still active and put them on here for reference. I also think maybe a community staff member would be a good idea. Someone who could speak with the active clans and encourage participation and do events and to keep a dialogue. For example a clan tffa league with the table on the main page. Also maybe promoting clan events on the main page. e.g. if JoF or Jawa do some event.
  8. Only other thing I can think of is a rep system that is showed next to someones name. Again like the old filefront forums. Probably a little meaningless now due to forum activity though. I also doubt it will be effective in getting people to contribute to discussions. Probably be pretty easy to implement though.
  9. Well with respect to Bucky and any other people you could simple provide a link to the github without hosting it. May sound pedantic but I see JKHUB as a directory of mods. Doesnt work so well when a lot are just not on here. For example the same with Movie Battles. A simple information page with a download link that links to the movie battles website. The way I see it is a win win. When new players write JKA mods into Google this is one of the first sites they see. So they should be able to get some information about the most popular mods and clients out there. I also liked the layout of the old JKA Filefront homepage in which the main page was basically https://jkhub.org/files/ So people could see straight away the most popular downloaded files and what is new. Because I highly suspect most people that use this site are only interested in downloading mods. Maybe a minor gripe as the current JKHUB homepage does show the most popular downloaded files in a small section.
  10. Ye relaxation of the rules when it comes to ported content. (Maybe allowing uploaders to use external download links to free yourself of any copyright issue? i dunno). For example creating a download page to EternalJK with a link to the github. (Maybe a poor example) I suppose thats a main issue a lot of people dont reupload stuff because they dont know whoses content it is or they modify someone else content but maybe cant upload it due it not being all their own work. I also think it is disapointing that the JK2 community is not more engaged/apart of the JKHUB. I played recently and noticed a lot of interesting content that is just not on JKHUB because JK2MV has autodownload. Which is fantastic but it also means that a lot of maps/models are not backed up anywhere permenant. Discord integration may be cool but I dont know how effective it is. I personally think the larger clans still active such as JoF, JAWA maybe could do more to keep JKHUB active as they do still have an active JKA community. It is obviously not their responsibility to do so but JKHUB itself benefits JKA players as a resource. Not sure how big an issue ported content is because on Steams workshop for garrysmod is basically all ported content from other games. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=4000&searchtext=star+wars&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home
  11. Jedi Academy Touch which is no longer supported/updated. That being said unless I am mistaken JKA Touch uses openjk (although probably an older version). That's no doubt how the original dev got jedi academy to run on android which is basically linux. try typing /developer 1 in console and see if that gives any warnings. If I get time I'll download the pk3s and have a look myself.
  12. I do remember a water temple map based on the OoT for JKA. From what I remember I only ever saw screenshots. Hopefully someone has it.
  13. True. @tomjka JKA is a small community there is not a load of active mappers just ready to do some freelance stuff. Also no offence but you just made a new account to post this so no one knows who you are. I'd recommend giving at least some kind of outline of what you want / attempting to do.
  14. I dont think ID Tech 6 is open source. Also using ID tech 6 because JK2 was made with the quake 3 engine does not seem like a worthwhile reason to use ID Tech 6. Is it? A few new weapons and much bigger areas. The biggest detraction of the single player to me has always been the poor AI.
  15. It sounds cool but there have been a lot of attempts at a fan made remake. Most fail and quite a few others fail to attract a decent player base. Think the issue is there is only a limited amount of people with nostalgia for the JK series.
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