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  1. You considered doing mapping tuts? Not sure how much appeal it will have these days but just a suggestion. Or just like 'quick tips' of things you have learnt to do that may not be widely known about.
  2. This just looks amazing. Be amazing to see a JK game in UE5.
  3. Doubt you will have much luck. Also as commendable as it is to give credits to these authors, dont let it slow you down your video. You can always add credits later.
  4. Im not going to argue for the laming rule to go away. It never will. Although almost any other game you are thrown in with players and you learn from your failures. True, some games now have matchmaking that helps you get matched up against new players but I'd say the vast majority of games your thrown in at the deep end. So, not sure this is a great reason for the laming rule. I had a look at the origins of the word as I was around the time it became a thing in JK2. Funnily enough I apparently contributed to a wiki article about the laming rule on here about 8 years ago. https
  5. Another thread encouraging debate! This is probably one of my biggest gripes with JKA. People get banned far too easily. In a way I feel that it is damaging to the JK community. One of the most common reasons for bans is laming. Now, should people be getting a permanent ban for laming? I dont think so. Its important to understand that JKA is a very unique game. I am struggling to think of a single game in which running up to someone and killing them could result in a ban. In almost every game it is a non issue. I personally feel this rule has helped in the facilatation of the r
  6. Totally agree. I'd still encourage people to do so though.
  7. Ye, I think its mainly targeted at Mappers. Because it is quite rare to see mappers release their source files. Which is a shame. I'd also say that if a mod is dead. Consider releasing the project anyway. The amount of amazing mods that have been developed but never made it is countless. The majority of the time the developers never release the stuff they did make which is a pity. In the end it is down to the individual but I think it could benefit the community.
  8. Thought I'd try to liven up the forum a bit with a debate. I personally think JKA modders should be more willing to release their source code / map files / models to the wider community. Why, I think plagiarism if you can call it that in JKA is not the issue it used to be. I also think a lot of fantastic modders have made amazing stuff but they have not shown anyone else how to do it. So as a result, stuff doesnt get built on and improved and tweaked with. I personally, learn best by seeing how someone else has done something. I'm sure many others do as well. Being able how to s
  9. With the amount of remasters and remakes its only a matter of time. That being said, chances of there being dedicated servers seems slime. Also there will have to be a store in it with micro-transactions lol. 💩
  10. 100% right. I never preorder. I have a bit of hope though. Mainly because Ubisoft will want that exclusivity contract. EA has lost Disney's trust a bit. If I was Ubisoft I'd make sure to knock the ball out of the park with this game. Star wars games are a huge money maker. So either way now EA has competition, hopefully the games will get a lot better.
  11. I dont think it is wishful. The guys making it are the same guys who made the division 1 and 2 games. They are using the same game engine as well Snowdrop engine. Im hoping it will just be like the division 2 in the star wars universe. Like you can team up with a squad in an open world and just explore and do quests. Be a bit like Kotor online. I imagine that would have many opportunities for clans to thrive as well. The biggest issue is Jedi though. It is always a struggling implenting Jedi with other classes without them breaking the game. I think the only game that has e
  12. Fantastic. Hopefully now that EA has some competition that will give them a bit of a kick up the ass.
  13. I dont like it. Graphically it is amazing. It looks fun as well. But i dunno gameplay is just so bland.
  14. Sounds like a tedious project. Good results though.
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