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  1. Bit late to the party here, but I thought the author of JKTouch kept his source code closed. Obviously you're not supposed to do that, but I recall that being the case when they were first released on Android.
  2. They're obtainable, but when exporting from 3D Object Converter all the UVs have to be re-scaled. I could probably provide a few down the road.
  3. Nice. Very retro. I like the idea of demake-like models.
  4. @ZanderNao could I ask how much the commission cost you? Even if you'd rather reply via private message, it'd be interesting to know.
  5. Those look great @Jeff! My only suggestion is to add some embossing to things such as belt lines, collars, etc since they would have to have been carved out of stone.
  6. Looks like the normals are inverted on the head, causing the problem.
  7. It's not ideal, but what I do right now is resize the browser window small enough to change the theme to mobile, then click the three lines, then mark all as read from there. After that I go full screen again.
  8. Sweet! Now there's a Selkath jedi for Jedi Academy too. I just finished mine for Star Wars Battlefront II (2005).
  9. Yep, just took a look at this myself. It's not worth converting to JA even if that weren't a taboo thing. It's 200 triangles, with a 128x128 texture. But it's a cool design, so I second Lancelot's request for a new JA-worthy model.
  10. I definitely agree with the bland landscape issue. That might be my only problem with the show in general. Tython didn't bother me though. I took it as a remote place on the planet that jedi went to in order to meditate. I'd agree that it could have used some alien touch here or there, but overall it seems like many planets in Star Wars are variations on Earth biomes, and always have been. It's definitely time to throw in something unique though. The browns and greys of planets are getting old.
  11. This one would definitely be cool as a map. It's like a mashup of different bits of Star Wars planets, but it still somehow looks unique.
  12. Do you think Boba put the armor back on and thought he needed to lose a little weight?
    This one's a classic for me. Given the info we know now about Ventress she obviously looks different than this, but this is still such an amazing artist's interpretation of the character.
  13. The Marshall would be a fun addition too. Not too far of a reach from Boba himself, modding-wise.
  14. I was always a big fan of the Dark Mace Windu Battlefront 4 concept art. I probably wouldn't have my character with the black core in the saber though. I feel like the Darksaber should be its own thing. Of your three I'd choose the middle one, but without the weird 2ft goatee. If I remember right that's an official concept for Rebels that got scrapped. The one on the left feels to New republic era, and the one on the right is trying to force things too hard by using part of a helmet as an arm bracer. How would that even work, and why couldn't he find something better considering he found the material to build a new lightsaber?
  15. I don't really mod JO/JA any more, but I wanted to post just to say that I'm 150% behind you on your work. This sort of functionality makes creating maps so much easier. Kudos to you.
    Clever. I love the crossguard sabers in particular!
  16. Sorta. Gran have six fingers instead of five.
  17. So I know this is a small thing, but the whole Jedi Knight series gives every Gran the hands Ree-Yees has. In Legends it's a genetic mutation that's rare. I'd love to see some regular 6-fingered hands if someone feels up to it. Nothing special, just hand swaps.
  18. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2594-dark-forces-mod-source-files/ Mohc's 3DS Max model is in that link. Again, he's not rigged, and he isn't set up for dismemberment with the caps and such.
  19. It's against the EULA of any EA Star Wars game. If someone ported it I think it's safe to say you wouldn't see that model here. Taking a tiny bit of the model, maybe some of a texture or a sound byte ... those you could call Fair Use (USA - or the equivalent in another country), but the whole thing is no bueno. A good rule of thumb is that if there's a quality free or community-made model there's never a need to borrow from a retail game anyway. They Kylo Ren models here are fantastic, and also work within the limits of the game engine. That Kylo wouldn't, so there's also that.
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