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  1. Didi you managa to solve it? I changed the IBi but everytime I reload a game it turns back to the winter gear...
  2. So, I just solved it. You just simply have to erase the pain_back1 and pain_back2 line, using a HEX editor, into the intro2.IBI file. Thanks!
  3. So I play the game exclusively in the android port, it's pretty decent, only limitation is that there's no way to install code mods... Anyone ever tried or have any idea of how to do it?
  4. So, I want to disable the outside pain command in the vjun map, does anyone know whats script I have to alter, or even have a custom .IBI or .SBS file that could share?
  5. Can you share the IBI file to disable the winter gear, I really tried and didn't make it...
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