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  1. I can't make any promIses, but for now it's impossible. Probably next year, it requires a lot of work.
  2. You can change the actual "3" value of "cg_shadows" command in the autoexec to 1 (blob shadows) and 2 (stencil volumetric shadows) but it's buggy. Cheers
  3. Version v3.0


    - JK II FX Mod 3.0 - Graphic overhaul for Jedi Outcast, with new effects for environment of the levels, weapons and characters for singleplayer/multiplayer modes. Installation: First: ALWAYS RUN THE GAME AS ADMINISTRATOR!Copy "assets8_Fx" and autoexec.cfg* files into "Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast\GameData\ base" folder in your Jedi Outcast folder. *You can chose autoexec file for 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen, it definitely fixes video options and gun positions in single and multiplayer. Remember that for WIDESCREEN resolutions you also need to set manually r_mode “-1”, r_customheight “1080” and r_customwidth “1920” or superior values (quotes works only in the autoexec, in the console you don’t need them!!) FX is NOW for single and multiplayer modes. ( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED USE jk2mv mod FOR MP and Expanded Menu) Ingame example:
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