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  1. This project plans to re-create what Battlefront III was meant to be. I think I posted about this a while back ago when the project was just a test map and some buggy animations. Here are some pictures (and a link to their ModDB) from their latest build. I am not a developer for this,I just help make descriptions and what not. Anyways here are the pictures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsvK1qET8ts&google_comment_id=z13hc3ygmx3pyzhua23twbjoconnu15tz - Some video footage Their ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/games/star-warsgalaxy-in-turmoil
  2. I think KOTF had a "remove glow" option,so that should say it is possible.
  3. It's not done yet. Why can't people see that when something is WIP it isn't out
  4. Porting is illegal. Rigging is not only used when porting.
  5. npc spawn dt_luke_ep7 playermodel dt_luke_ep7 There are other variants too but yeah that is what to do.
  6. You mean Star Wars Battlefront EA. SWBFIII is the cancelled game from Free Radical.
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