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  1. BlindDaThief is the hero we need...
  2. Okay, but does Greedo say Maclunkey?
  3. This is prolly not the thread to talk about this, so I'll just drop this one comment: If we got as much Knights of Ren/Phasma/Snoke material as we did for Boba Fett, I'd be all for it. Instead the first ones got a comic where they're background characters at best, except for their saber-wielding leader. The second got a novel and a 4-issue comic, and that's it. And last one got a comic issue in Age of Resistance which focused on Kylo rather than him. Boba Fett was everywhere, comics/novels/games for a good chunk of time; they gave us a chance to like this character more. Here, it comes across as: *sigh* i guess we gotta develop them more in a comic, now. Like it's a mandatory assignment, rather than a universe expansion.
  4. Posting here to try and bring life to the thread again. Anybody interested in making a model for him? He's basically one of the few people who undeniably wiped the floor with Vader.
  5. both that skin and the BF2 mod are different adaptations of this piece of fan-art.
  6. Trying to bring life to this thread again, hoping that someone might be interested in making a model. Anybody got a usable WIP?
  7. oh, neat ? didn't know that was possible.
  8. I mean, they're all on his WIP thread already.
  9. Tried changing the class to either KYLE_BOSS and KYLE on the ext_data document. No differences, Snoke still charges at me like a Gran_boxer. Is ext_data the only file that would need modifying or did I miss something? Maybe if I lower aggressiveness (i have it at 5)?
  10. It's strange because I have seen it done before. Like, in the old Knight of the Force mod, made by that turkish dude? Emperor Palpatine from Episode 6 literally only uses Force Lightning (and Force Grip, I think). And they didn't need to replace him with one of the cultist npcs.
  11. Kyle_boss can use iknowkungfu levels of melee, but when I type WP_MELEE in the npc document, the npc in question beats me up like a Gran, rather than using the various throws. How do I change this? Thanks
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