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  1. That's me half the time 😄 The fights in Jedi Academy are just realistic, so when the NPCs fight each other, it really looks like a hardcore fight from the Original Trilogy.
  2. Pretty sure Lord of Hate was referring to the fact that UM-3154 is porting these models, rather than saying he made them. The title of the thread says "porting" projects, I doubt anyone is gonna mistakenly assume UM-3154 modeled them.
  3. It's a nice little extra feature that brings the whole thing a lot of style. Thanks for putting in the time and work, Ruxith! Can't wait to play with this!
  4. Love the TPM-not-at-war period. Good times. Like, there's stuff on Malastare so they all go there. There's an uprising from the Yinchorri so let's take care of that! It's nice to see them take care of the galaxy, rather than being cornered into fighting a war. Also, I'm a sucker for the Legacy era. Off the top of my head, one of my favorite books from Legends has to be... it's a tie between Dark Rendezvous and Darth Plagueis. Love 'em both!
  5. I would argue that goes to Darth Tenebrous. Get it?! He's a tenebrous guy! Which makes him Darth Tenebrous! Or Darth Andeddu! And he's, like, undead 😄 and a zombie. Because of course he is. Or Darth Ruin and Darth Ruyn, because at some point they ran out of 'evil' terms so they gave two different characters the same name without knowing it. At some point there was Darth Marr which I'll bet is them just going "say something evil!" and the other writer just instinctively imitates the sound of an angry cat and goes "Maaaaarrrrrr". Also, no joke: Starkiller was gonna be called Darth Insanius or Darth Icky, if Lucas had named him. True story 😄 Krayt at least makes sense because Darth Krayt grew up as a tusken on Tatooine, so that's actually consistent with his character & backstory. I really want a movie where a Deadpool-like character's village is attacked by Darth Vader, and then the character goes: "oh no, it's Vader the Invader!" and then they get taken to the Emperor and he says "you're so Insidious, Darth Sidious!" and at some point they mention the Rule of Two, and he's like "ah, Darth Bane, the bane of my existence". It would be horrible, but I'd pay to see that 😄 I'm just waiting to see Darth Grumpii in a future comic.
    Master Yoda's rocking that gold robe!
  6. Unfortunately, I think there's a rule against uploading ported files into the 'Files' section. But you can put it on this thread. A me, personalmente, piacerebbe tanto usarlo 🙂
  7. Okay so Abeloth is basically the most powerful villain in the Expanded Universe-now-Legends. You know the Mortis Gods? The Father, Son and Daughter? She used to be the Mother. She's this parassitic being whose only goal is chaos. Usually, only the Father, or the combined forces of the Son and Daughter can seal her away. When she returns from her slumber, in the end it took, among many others, Luke Skywalker and Darth Krayt's combined strengths to defeat her. From a gameplay POV, if there's one npc you wanna have that has all stats boosted and is basically unkillable, it's Abeloth. Morrigan Corde is Cade Skywalker's mom, and a Boba Fett-like double-agent against the Empire. Cade Skywalker is a descendant of Luke's, about 100 years in the future. Both of these characters are non-canon, now, but they made quite an impact back when they were.
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