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  1. These are amazing, ZelZel, one after the other! Keep up the awesome stuff.
  2. New findings: If you've set the game so that the bodies of dead NPC don't disappear, and you use a disruptor to disintegrate the body of say, a dead Rebel NPC in front of another Jedi NPC, then that other Jedi will try and kill you for treason, just as it would if you killed any ally in front of another ally. When you jump from a higher point, the fall damage is reduced if you crouch, and it's reduced even further if you roll the second you hit the ground. You fall from a high point but miraculously land in a body of water! Hurray, no fall damage, right? Wrong. The second you
  3. Yes. So the mod is too detailed for the game? How do I get the LOD just right?
  4. I'm trying to play as Boba Fett (talking about ZelZel's masterpiece which can be found here). Aaaand it works! He appears in the SP menu! However, whenever I try to use pick him, the second he is about to get hit by a blaster bolt or about to hit someone, the game crashes. I feel like I'm missing something. Is there a file I forgot to add in the .pk3? Can anyone take a look (the file I'm using can be found here) and let me know what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  5. Gonna use Godzilla to fight against the mutant rancor 😄
  6. Oooh, Tenebrae's fun! Valkorion/Vitiate's true original form.
  7. I'm gonna give the Tank Saber to Desann 😄
  8. Love using these skins. They're just awesome. Really good work, bravo. Here's some pics from the cinematics!
  9. Oh damn, let's see how Vader deals with this evil bastard 😄
  10. Because of the last Mandalorian episode, I'm playing as ROTJ Luke, mainly, using dark_apprentice's skin pack. I was wondering if anyone had any links to Darktrooper NPCs I could use, to try and reproduce his battle on Gideon's light cruiser.
  11. Ah, I stand corrected, then, my bad. Also fair enough on not releasing or PM sending anything, up to you. As they say in Italy, "hai già dato", aka: you've already contributed plenty to the hub ? The Punisher, should I assume the same goes for you, on this?
    This is amazing and friggin' leggendary! Thank you for bringing this to the JKHub community. You rock!
  12. First Morrigan, then Cade! Nice going, gonna enjoy playing as the last Skywalker.
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