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  1. Love using these skins. They're just awesome. Really good work, bravo. Here's some pics from the cinematics!
  2. Oh damn, let's see how Vader deals with this evil bastard 😄
  3. Because of the last Mandalorian episode, I'm playing as ROTJ Luke, mainly, using dark_apprentice's skin pack. I was wondering if anyone had any links to Darktrooper NPCs I could use, to try and reproduce his battle on Gideon's light cruiser.
  4. Ah, I stand corrected, then, my bad. Also fair enough on not releasing or PM sending anything, up to you. As they say in Italy, "hai già dato", aka: you've already contributed plenty to the hub ? The Punisher, should I assume the same goes for you, on this?
    This is amazing and friggin' leggendary! Thank you for bringing this to the JKHub community. You rock!
  5. First Morrigan, then Cade! Nice going, gonna enjoy playing as the last Skywalker.
  6. Oooh, I can see this being a Maul from a period in-between TCW and Solo! The Dark Apprentice Starkiller outfit is a nice touch.
  7. Okay, bringing it back. If you keep the crouch button pressed while using a long jump, half the time you'll be going further than you would've if you didn't. Also bind 'thereisnospoon' to a key... press that key... then do a long jump right after? The jump is about 40-50% longer than if you do it normally and for a moment, it looks like you're actually gonna fly. Which is amazing, frankly, because this allows you to cross things that are waaaay out of reach, like: The two plateaus on the Tusken mission, where you have a bridge to cross, right out of the first cave sectio
  8. That's me half the time ? The fights in Jedi Academy are just realistic, so when the NPCs fight each other, it really looks like a hardcore fight from the Original Trilogy.
  9. Pretty sure Lord of Hate was referring to the fact that UM-3154 is porting these models, rather than saying he made them. The title of the thread says "porting" projects, I doubt anyone is gonna mistakenly assume UM-3154 modeled them.
  10. It's a nice little extra feature that brings the whole thing a lot of style. Thanks for putting in the time and work, Ruxith! Can't wait to play with this!
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