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  1. I have a blog, which has some lost maps and skins. Follow the link: https://jediknight4ever.blogspot.com/ Now following the guidelines I posted in the correct place. Is this MrWonko website storing JKFiles downloads? It seems to me that it is abandoned. In addition to being a site too poor for its purpose.
  2. For those who have had the misfortune of not being able to open the list of servers in OpenJk, know that it is not a problem with Windows 10 Firewall, or the release of network ports. After installing the MBII, and uninstalling, my "Get List" has stopped showing the list of servers. Well, you should look for the "My Games" folder in Windows Explorer. There will be the OpenJk folder, storing all the player information. Delete this folder, and the list of servers will return to normal operation. OpenJk will re-create these files without any problems. Thank you and greetings to all! =) Arthur L
  3. The clan forum has been disabled. Any questions, please contact me through JKHub. Thankful.

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    The Thundrao Jedi Temple map was developed so the player can enjoy a fun and relaxed environment without the usual textures of Yavin or Korriban. Perhaps this is why this map is so different, since it is located in a large city, having a garden in the background. This is practically an original map, made from the beginning. Except for the Bar counter, which is exactly the same as Nar Kreeta = D. The map includes: - An urban area of ​​street or station. - 2 Arenas Dojo. - Arena of NPCs. - Passage hallway with tables and a bar. - A training room with a bridge. - A training room with platforms.
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