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  1. I actually meant internally, you know, one account automatically forwarding it to another mailbox xD Anyway, I would prefer for the pages/files to be fully deleted, that would make it more easy for me to request google to update the search index cache.
  2. I need the pages to be deleted so that I can request google to delete them out of their index cache. But I think I'll re-upload the files to JKHub, so they won't be lost. Ah it's okay, you might want to link them to your main e-mail account for future requests though? Thanks for looking into it. Feel free to mail/DM me if you need extra information. I think it's actually pretty cool you made this archive, so thanks for that as well ?
  3. Ah thanks, yeah I had no idea where to properly post this, seems I guessed wrong. I'm not embarrassed by the files, but a lot of entries contain an e-mail adress which links to my IRL name. I'm trying to de-link my screen name (Raschu) from my IRL stuff. It keeps showing up in google searches for 'Raschu'.
  4. Hey there. I want the mod files of me (Author 'Raschu') deleted from the JK2/3 archive of Mr Wonko: https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/ due to privacy reasons. I've tried e-mailing the admin of the site, but I got no response. I figured I'd try twitter instead, but I can't DM him. So now I'm trying here as a last resort to solve the matter. Does anyone know how I can get my files removed from the archive? Thanks! - Raschu (and if anyone would like to still have acces to the files, I could re-upload them to JKHub, properly edited.) edit: btw some files are under 'Raschu and Ashura'.
  5. So, is this a mod much like that SCP Containment Breach game? Your ModDB page is very messy. Nice atmosphere in the maps though!
  6. I just went through this whole thread. I don't have any programming skills, but making skins for JKO helped a lot with learning to use photoshop and getting interested into game design in general. It's pretty cool to see a game dev reaching out to us humble modders. Also very inspiring to know you started as a modder yourself. I don't have any questions, just wanted to say this.
  7. Hi fellow JK modders, long time no see. Just stopping by to say hi, and perhaps try my hand again on some JK modding myself (though I'm a bit rusty) Would be cool to help out with an existing project. For who doesn't know me, I'm an old Jk2 (and 3) modder, I reskinned some JK2 models (mostly Reborns) and worked on a steampunk mod with Ashura. I've also composed music for the Neo Dark Ages mod. I was still learning a lot back then, but I've improved on that over the years (here's my music portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/creapracticus_music/sets/portfolio). Anyway, hi
  8. I just tried and you can still acces the reviews using "http://archive.org/web/". So we can actualy try to archive them if needed. (Here's the most recent capture: http://web.archive.org/web/20150526122031/http://jediknight3.filefront.com/). The downloadlinks do not work though. You gotta search manual since the searchbar is disfunct.
  9. They destroyed an AT-ST with just a view blaster shots. That must be a very OP blaster then. Also I don't like the HUD they've chosen, it does not feel star wars like. I mean compare that JKO/A and this just feels to bland. Overall the game looks fine, but I'm just not getting the 'I must have this' feeling from it.
  10. I bet EA wouldn't like you stealing their sounds, just as jk3files stated it's forbidden to port models from say KOTOR. Than I again, I don't like EA so why should I care? xD
  11. Oh dear, what I wanted to say was that it looks as of he has a wii-mote controller on his upper leg armor xD And this is an awesome model!
  12. That could work, does the character you want also have a long skirt like cloak?
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