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Star Wars: Movie Duels Update 6.5

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Movie Duels is a remastered edition of the original, 2009 “Movie Duels 2” mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, with updated maps, models, sounds and various other improvements, to bring the mod into the modern age.


List of some KEY improvements, over the original mod:

- Mod is using OpenJK as its primary game engine.
- New & accurate lightsaber blades (the "movie-like" SFX Sabers have been added).
- New & more accurate lightsaber sounds.
- New animations and duel stances for most of main SW characters.
- New camera angles.
- New & improved player models.
- New & more movie "accurate" skyboxes and map textures.
- HD audio dialogues, music and option for subtitles.
- Expanded character menu and basic menus with more options.
- New manual blocking combat system.
- Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast support.
- New Arena mode.
- New modern user interface design.

Join our community and get previews of our development - https://discordapp.com/invite/PhQPy7j


Mod - https://www.moddb.com/mods/movie-duels

Game - https://store.steampowered.com/app/6020/STAR_WARS_Jedi_Knight__Jedi_Academy/


What's New in Version Update 6.5


///Bug Fixes\\\
- Increased engine stability to reduce crashing.
- Fixed kata/special moves instantly killing the opponent at the start of the animation.
- Fixed Ben Kenobi's Soresu flourish not having any saber sounds.
- Fixed oversight with TCW Fisto not having Force Jump.
- Fixed Force Judgement CTD when used on breakable objects.
- Fixed Maw's interaction with movable objects in TOTG DF2 causing CTDs.
- Fixed Prisoner head variety in JK2 campaign.
- Fixed Artus Detention CTD caused by the ceiling turret targeted allied NPCs.
- Fixed player having Bryar Pistol early after the bartender cutscene.
- Fixed Jedi Master difficulty in all Menus applying the wrong g_spskill setting, which caused softlocks in certain JK2/JKA missions.
- Fixed error for jedi_spanki/combat1.mp3 in Operation: Knightfall.
- Fixed a possible soft lock issue on Korriban during the JKA campaign.
- Removed "Remove Dropped Weapons" Option, as it would also despawn map-spawned weapons, such as ones on weapon racks in JK2/JKA campaigns.
- Updated Kamino Landing Platform to use a more simplistic clipping method for the Slave 1, which fixes the map sometimes being stuck infinitely loading.

/Prequel Trilogy\
- Added Zett Jukassa.
- Updated Shaak Ti.
- Updated Luminara Unduli with better eyes and optimized textures.
- Updated Barriss Offee with a new head mesh.
- Updated Nikto model to use the Weequay body.
- Updated Sariss' hair color.
- Restored Spanki Jedi Customization / Scerendo Female Jedi Customization to Character Creation.
- Removed unrealistic glow shader for Jedi Female robes.
- Fixed Pong Krell's body proportions.

/Original Trilogy\
- Added Reva Sevander.
- Added Ninth Sister.
- Added Taron Malicos, along with his saber hilts made by Laisum.

/Sequel Trilogy\
- Added Bo-Katan.
- Added Paz Vizsla.
- Added The Armorer.
- Added Din Djarin (Jetpack).
- Added New Republic Soldier.
- Added Ren from The Rise of Kylo Ren comics.

- Added Galen Marek variations; Corellian Flight Suit (TFU1), Kamino Test Subject, Tie Flightsuit, Arena Combat Gear, Hero's Armor, and Endor DLC Jedi Hunter.
- Added Shirtless Anakin (Nelvaan Trials) from 2003 CW.
- Added Shirtless Fisto.
- Added custom soundset for Asharad Hett.

- Manual blocking whilst the saber is deactivated will now ignite the saber.
- Increased saber fatigue regeneration rate by 25%.
- Characters wearing beskar armour can deflect blaster fire and are 50% resistant to saber damage.
- Overhauled force push. Using two hands push opponents further than one.
- SBDs can now slap players when gunbashing is enabled.
- Removed electric damage effects from Battledroids and SBDs.
- Increased support for Droideka by allowing shields to be controlled by the player and using more accurate blasters.
Overhauled Weapon Fatigue system (MD/MDA Modes):
- Blasters can now overheat rather than simply lowering accuracy. Overheating is shown via smoke coming from the weapon muzzle, and will prevent reloading, changing weapons, and ledge grabbing until it cools down.
- Weapon accuracy has been adjusted so you're more accurate when walking or low on Weapon Fatigue.

- Added Count Dooku (Straight Variant from Krome Studios TFU).
- Added Darth Phobos.
- Added Taron Malicos.
- Replaced Depa Billaba's hilt model with her canon "The Bad Batch" version by Plasma.

- New EFFECTS menu allows up to 3 effects to be played on any map.
- Added NPC COMMANDS button to the pause menu for easier access.
- Added invisibility and more light command to the player commands menu.
- Added more scripts to the NPC commands menu that can instantly be used on NPCs.
- Added Advanced LOD option, which increases surface sprite view distance (can see grass in JKA Yavin maps farther away).
- Fixed Duel Map menu backgrounds sometimes being black.
- Fixed panels in the era menu sometimes missing.
- Fixed panels positioning in the JKA force status menu.
- Fixed shader warnings for character icons in-game.
- Tweaked Mission Briefing text for all MD Missions.
- Upgraded TOTG Logo with a fresh-new version by @yeyo JK!
- Updated German Localization files.

An Important Lesson:
- Added missing loading screens.

Rescue Over Coruscant:
- Tweaked how cutscene triggers in ROC's Observation Deck section are handled.
- Fixed issue in Anakin's POV where the player's robed skin would disappear after loading a savegame.

Showdown With Grievous:
- Split Grievous' Dialogue for better subtitles in EGG.
- Four-armed grievous is now "fixed" by swapping to the old model.
- Fixed Anakin's missing voice line in the Bonus Mission.

Aftermath in the Temple:
- Fixed second Obi-Wan being present in the Clone Assassin fight in Obi-Wan's POV.

Assault on the Tantive IV:
- Restored C-3PO's silver leg appearance.

Father and Son:
- Upgraded quality of sound effect for "Luke pulling Saber from Emperor's Arm rest" in FAS.

TOTG - Dark Forces II Duels:
- Added Datapad objectives for every TOTG DF2 mission, which should be especially helpful with Jerec's fight.
- Tweaked dialogue timing for Kyle in Teacher vs. Student.

**Ladder/Duel Arena Maps**
A new set of maps based upon the Ladder-type gamemode, accessed via the "ARENAS" menu.

- Added script command "SET_NPC_SCALE", allowing for adjustment of NPC scales without creating new NPCs entirely.
- Upgraded Tavion Axmis' hilt with Rooxon's original version.
- Fixed "SET_NO_SABER_RETURN" script command not working.
- Replaced dual saber kata for Clone Assassin´s weapons to a more-fitting animation.
- Replaced attack and block animations for fast stance of Galen's humanoid with proper single backhand animations, instead of default frontal ones.
- Removed chrome shader from FC-1 Flechette Weapon.

- Upgraded JKA's Ambiance/foley sound effects with a modernized selection by LangZ.
- Changed saberhum for Ahsoka's TCW S7 sabers from Rebels/Mando hum to her TCW version.
- Upgraded sound effect for retrieving thrown sabers.

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On 2/19/2023 at 6:38 AM, Walkman1286 said:

I would like to be able to play this mod for Jedi Academy on my Steam Deck 

you are able

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Lightsaber falls always off in combat with Blaster NPCs... How can I turn this off?

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