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  1. Thank you, I'll certaintly give it a try and keep you updated about the results.
  2. That only works for the model itself. I am talking about the icon_default. When you're first place in the scoreboard, you see your playermodel's icon in the right upper corner of the screen. That should change along.
  3. Yeah exactly. So I'll try to explain it again: You can set an RGB color to a model (not only red or blue). I want the icon to change aswell to the same RGB color.
  4. Yeah was referring to RGB. When you use char_color_red, ... I want it to change too.
  5. Hey, yeah I was referring to the First Place position. The icon changes along in the character profile. Thank you for your response.
  6. Dear readers, Is it possible to give your icon_ (whatever head you use from your customisable model) an rgb touch? I tried to examine already made rgb models but I found no example. Somebody an idea? Hoping for response!
  7. The issue has been solved. Solution will be add in my newly planned tutorial series. Much more indepth.
  8. Those errors you get are pretty easy to fix, but I'm unsure about mine. I even tried to remove all of the plugin suite and then take the oldest and try if it gives the same result.. and it does.
  9. You'll get there, keep watching tutorials and do as they do. Also try to learn blender itself too, try to make simple things with online tutorials to get the grasp of the dozens of different possibilities.
  10. I'm not in Edit Mode. Checked the weighting. It doesn't matter what I do, I deleted all weighting on every mesh and started over (just a quick run) and still the same error.
  11. Hey there, Trying out the 2.7 plugin suite for blender and when I try to export the model I'm getting this error (any help?): https://imgur.com/a/cE3AaYw I thought it had something to do with the weights but I can't find it.
  12. I tried what you've suggested here, but I think I don't really get the "edges which contour the islands" part.
  13. For some reason it doesn't work for me. If I use the download button in this topic and then install addon from zip file it completes the installation but when I look for it, it isn't there. I can't enable or disable it anywhere.
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