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Community Answers

  1. Make sure to install the latest version, which can be found on my github.
  2. ADDON COMPLETELY CHANGED No longer creates tags (alternative way is prepared for you, read my tutorial for more information) or apply armatures for you. No longer need to select LOD level, just press Parent and it will parent everything for you. Naming convention is a MUST. -> helmet has to become head_helmet, else it'll throw you an error. Updated file found in github (see description above)
  3. Addon currently not functioning as intended. EDIT: Please refer to my github to download the latest version. This one will be used in future tutorials.
  4. Exactly. The correct hierarchy is optained by using this addon. It's not only efficient but also saving a shit ton of time.
  5. Upload the latest version (v1.1), this can be considered as final. Added new features and improved the ones it already had. Full description added aswell, I hope this works for all of you. Enjoy!
  6. What it does: It loops through all the objects in the scene and makes sure all objects are parented correctly. legs -> hips torso -> hips l_hand -> l_arm -> torso head -> torso It also give you the opportunity to use custom objects, so when you got an armor piece, you name it l_arm_armorpiece or whatever it's called, and then it'll be parented onto the arm. Atm I'm working on a Tag Creator
  7. Please let me know what you think of it afteryou tried it. Thank you!
  8. 93 downloads

    Blender Version: 2.91 (most likely compatible with earlier versions that use atleast Python 3.0) Features / What it can do: Parent Objects/Tags Clean Hierarchy -> Usage explained in tutorial Folder Browser Create Skin -> model_default.skin Please visit my Github to download the latest version since the download link has one of the first releases. Using Github allows me to instantly update the addon when needed. Current uploaded picture is showing one of the very first releases. Download from Github: https://github.com/Mauii/skeleton_tool Credits I recently began learning Python along using the Blender API thanks to @Milamber. I'd like to thank you for giving me this idea and support on every other way.
  9. Thank you, I'll certaintly give it a try and keep you updated about the results.
  10. That only works for the model itself. I am talking about the icon_default. When you're first place in the scoreboard, you see your playermodel's icon in the right upper corner of the screen. That should change along.
  11. Yeah exactly. So I'll try to explain it again: You can set an RGB color to a model (not only red or blue). I want the icon to change aswell to the same RGB color.
  12. Yeah was referring to RGB. When you use char_color_red, ... I want it to change too.
  13. Hey, yeah I was referring to the First Place position. The icon changes along in the character profile. Thank you for your response.
  14. Dear readers, Is it possible to give your icon_ (whatever head you use from your customisable model) an rgb touch? I tried to examine already made rgb models but I found no example. Somebody an idea? Hoping for response!
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