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Status Updates posted by Circa

  1. Expect some little changes here and there around the site. See if you can spot them all. :)

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    2. Omicron


      Why with the formal moderation notices?

    3. Rooxon


      Well if nothing else, doing things "formal" gives a bit of serious air around things, which helps in cases where people don't take things as serious as they schould. I think. :)

    4. Circa


      I do what I want, foo.

  2. File links are still down, but the Files section is re-enabled. We will let you know when they are restored tomorrow.

  3. Files area is now functioning properly.

    1. Bek


      Good job debugging it Circa

  4. Files area is offline until links are restored.

  5. Files section is back online. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    2. Cerez


      Apology not accepted! Inconceivable!!! :P


      (Thanks Circa. ^_^)

    3. Onysfx


      Dropbox can surely do bettah.

    4. Ramikad


      Unless it's taking ovah.

  6. Files section is undergoing maintenance today. All submissions are on hold until further notice.

  7. For those of you that didn't see yesterday, we are having issues with downloads. I will post a status when they are working again.

  8. Fresh install of Windows 7. It's been over 24 hours and it's still finding Windows Updates.

    1. Szico VII

      Szico VII

      You only now realise this, many years after Windows came out?

    2. Onysfx


      Windows 7 still owns windows 8...sorry Spior but...ya...

    3. Circa


      Of course not. Just makes me love OS X much much more. I just get baffled every time I do this.

  9. Frickin Chickin, you know?

  10. Get your Halloween mods submitted by the end of today!

  11. Had no internet or cell service for 24 hours. I finally have cell service.

    1. Akimoto


      What is this "no internet" you speak of?

    2. Circa


      Exactly. Haha

    3. katanamaru


      Welcome to my after work and weekends.

  12. Happy Halloween. Don't get too crazy tonight guys.

    1. Onysfx


      It's ovah....THE JEDI ARE TAK- yeah halloweens ovah, bit too late posting this xD.

    2. Circa


      I posted it yesterday. :P

    3. Onysfx


      I meant my post was a little too late :P

  13. Happy Valentine's Day guys/gals. Go kiss a stranger right on their mouth hole.

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    2. Omicron


      Yes you are. Yes you indeed are.

    3. DT85


      Does this include those of the same sex?

    4. ChalklYne
  14. How are the White Elephant gifts coming?

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    2. Barricade24


      Mine needs a bit more work. Nothing too major though.

    3. Omicron


      Well, I just need to fix a shader, do some testing, then add some extra skins which I won't be releasing in the final version :P

    4. Futuza


      Re-learning GTK Radiant is hard!

  15. How hard is it to convert a JO model to a JA one?

  16. I could not be more happier of this textured box. My first map. :)http://i.imgur.com/ZRCOK40.png

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    2. Angel Soul

      Angel Soul

      Very nice Circa! :) This reminds me of my old Quake 2 mapping days. :D I was actually making a level which was home of Bananas in Pyjamas. LOL! Never finished though. :D

    3. Ramikad


      Needs more Rend2.

    4. BelugaArts


      Oh how wonderful! You should totally make the biggest map right now! :D


  17. I feel like most requests made these days here are just for the sake of requesting, not actually planning on using.

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    2. Wasa


      This is actually an interesting thought, another case scenario is they just might be collectors.

    3. Cerez


      Or simply because it's fun to speak and share their ideas -- without ever seriously taking into account how much time and work it would take to actually make something like what they are requesting...

    4. Ping


      I don't understand requests anyway.

  18. I got lightsaber chopsticks in the mail. I didn't order lightsaber chopsticks.

  19. I got someone to voice act Nute Gunray for my Prequel Conversion mod. Pretty stoked for that!

    1. therfiles


      Awesome! Can't wait to see (or hear) how it turns out!

  20. I have 12 email addresses so far. And I use them all. Don't judge me.

    1. Onysfx


      Since the jedi are taking ovah, it's understandable.

    2. eezstreet


      circa confirmed drug dealer

  21. I love the reactions I get when people notice I'm on their server. Just lurking. Watching their every move.

    1. AshuraDX


      Do the Creep !

    2. Circa


      Haha nice

    3. Omicron


      You're the only staff member I've ever seen ingame :L

    1. Bacon


      Looks like a weird devil skull....or Kirby


    2. Grab


      Looks pretty. What is this? :D

    3. Circa


      I honestly just opened up a modeling program for the first time and just screwed around. :P Not sure what to do with it.

  22. I swore I wouldnt do this, but oh well. Finished my album, check it out if you like alternative rock: https://greyharbor.org/

    1. Bek


      I've done some lurking on your site a long time ago, your singing voice is super professional.

    2. Circa
  23. I think I got ModView to work on Mac...interesting.

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