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  1. New Stance Mod

    This mod replaces the 3 main saber stances ingame to 3 new ones.
    Medium (Yellow): Main saber stance inspired by the KOTOR games.
    Fast (Blue): Based on Anakin's blocking stance from Episode III the game.
    Strong (Red): This stance was already in game as part of an animation when you fight Rosh in SP.


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  2. No Shield Effect

    This mod removes the annoying green-blue shield/armor in Single Player.


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  3. OpenJK-Alt Server

    This is basically just OpenJK but with a few little features that I really wanted for my server. I wanted to have a basejka server with OpenJK's bug fixes and security, but also a few extra things that the OpenJK devs didn't think were fit to include in the master repository. Nothing changes the gameplay, these are just nice little features for a server to have, if you're not using a mod like JA+ or something.
    Here's a list of all the features thus far:
    ----1.00----• All taunts are available in all game modes (meditate, gloat, flourish, etc)• Private duels now start with full health and shield, and can be changed via new cvars (g_duelStartHealth and g_duelStartArmor) - default is 100/25• Results of a private duel are displayed to all, with the remaining health of the winning player----1.01----• Added a cvar to toggle idle animations (personal annoyance of mine) - g_useIdleAnims 0----1.02----• restored the ability to use map glitches via dmflags 520----1.03----• Cheats are now toggled via rcon, enabling the use for anyone on the server - /rcon sv_cheats 1
    All features of the master OpenJK repo are included in this as of this writing. If you want to compile the latest version of this and the most recent OpenJK commits, I will try my best to keep it fairly in sync with it.

    This is also Linux only for now. If someone wants it for Windows or Mac, let me know. This is server-side only though, keep in mind.
    If you want to test it out first, my clan's server runs it at /connect so.jk3.in
    -===- Installation -===-
    If you are running an OpenJK server (recommended), put the .so file in the base folder of your server, and run the new openjkded file like you normally would. If its a basejka server, same thing but run the new openjkded file instead of jampded file you used to.


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  4. Prequel Conversion Mod

    Pair with my Prequel Music Replacement for BEST results!

    The Prequel Conversion mod will do exactly that: convert the Single Player campaign story and experience into that of the prequel Star Wars movies (Episodes I, II, and III). This includes replacing various characters to those in the movies. A list will be given below to reveal what is replaced:
    - Trade Federation Battledroids (with corresponding rank colors):Stormtroopers, Imperials, Snowtroopers
    - Super Battledroids: Imperials, Rocket Troopers, Stormtrooper Commander, Saboteur
    - Droidekas: Hazardtroopers, Assassin Droids
    - Maganaguards with Electrostaff: Cultists
    - Jango Fett: Boba Fett
    - Nute Gunray: Racto (the guy on Coruscant who's making illegal droids)
    - Wat Tambor: Rax (the fat Imperial who chases Jaden for sport)
    - Clone troopers (Mark II): Rebel, Wedge
    - E-5 Blaster Rifle (Battledroid blaster): E-11 Blaster Rifle (Stormtrooper blaster)
    - KiSteer 1284 sniper rifle (Zam Wessel's rifle): Tenloss Projectile Sniper Rifle
    - DC-15A Repeating Blaster (Clone Assault Blaster): Imperial Repeater
    - Hailfire droid: AT-ST
    - Republic Gunship/ARC-170 Starfighter: X-Wing (Cinematic/Vehicle)
    - Jedi Starfighter (Mark II): Z-95
    - Vulture Droid Starfighter: TIE Fighter
    - Trifighter/Soulless One (Grievous' Starfighter): TIE Bomber
    - Blaster pistol: from yellow to red
    - Repeater: from yellow and round to blue and normal looking
    - Turrets: yellow to red
    - Nute Gunray has a brand new voice, thanks to a friend who is an excellent voice actor.
    - Wat Tambor has Rax's voice but with effects to make it sound more like his.
    - Dialogue from Jaden is changed to say Jango in instead of Boba
    - Stormtrooper conversations are changed to droid conversations. I had to think, "What would droids talk about?"
    - Cultist conversations with each other and with Alora are now more "magnaguard" sounding. I did the best I could.
    - Rebel/Wedge dialogue is filtered to sound like it's from a Clone trooper helmet.
    - Dialogue that mentions the Empire or Stormtroopers has either been changed to say droids or just removed with context in tact
    - Levelshots updated to reflect various changes (mostly the vehicles)
    - All subtitles and menus edited to remove all mention of Imperial/Empire/Stormtroopers and to reflect dialogue changes
    - Menus and HUD changed to reflect new weapons.
    - The Super Battledroid uses it's own animations thanks to the MBII team. It also uses the old bryar slot that isn't used in JA.
    - All scripting issues were resolved all thanks to therfiles at JKHub. He was oh so very helpful.
    This is a quite large mod that I started quite a long time ago with the original release of my "Battledroid SP" mod. I took a long break from modding and returned to work on this mod. It is not quite finished, as it will become a slightly larger mod. This is only version 1. Version 2 might come before I merge this into something slightly bigger eventually. The majority of the content in this mod is not mine at all. I merely combined a lot of pre-existing material from other authors to make this. That made it easier and definitely better, as my work would not be anywhere near as good, but I still worked really hard on this in all other ways. FOR BEST RESULTS: Play with maximum dismemberment. An autoexec.cfg is included with the necessary settings for this. It's the only way to do it in JA SP.
    - Most are unavoidable unfortunately, but aren't really major.
    - The Droidekas use the emplaced gun effects, so when using a turret, it will sound like the Droideka gun sounds.
    - The plot still doesn't make sense, due to the main characters like Luke and Kyle still being involved. Obviously this doesn't make sense canonically and historically. The next version will fix this. There is no interference with Multiplayer as far as I can tell. I don't play it, so let me know if there are any issues.
    Future version:
    I hope to continue this project even further, replacing the main characters as best as I can, complete with voices to match the characters. My plan is to replace Luke with Mace Windu, Kyle with Obi-Wan, and Alora with Grievous. I might replace Tavion with Dooku, but I'm not sure yet. Other details will be revealed and discussed on JKHub.
    - Prophet and Major Clod for the Battledroid model. It's so old, yet it's the best model of a battledroid. Good times!
    - Movie Battles II team - TK231 for his effects (Blue blaster, droideka, etc) - Duncan_10158 for the Droideka and Hailfire -
    and whoever was the author of the SBD and it's skeleton/animations - the E-5 blaster -
    - Pahricida for the DC-15A rifle
    - Manquesa for the Jedi Starfighter model
    - Majin Revan/Hatrus for the Droid Starfighter/Vulture droid
    - Inyri for the Trifighter model
    - Minilogoguy18 for the ARC-170 star fighter
    - Mars Marshall for the Gunship, Magnaguard, Jango Fett, Clone trooper, and Zam rifle models
    - Kurtis 'KMan' Smith/Psyk0Sith for the Wat Tambor model
    - Wytchking/Wector for the Nute Gunray model
    - therfiles for his butt-saving help with scripting fixes and being helpful with suggestions and testing
    - Everyone at JKHub that is being helpful with suggestions and help with my endless thread making in the assistance forum
    Windows: Put the pk3 in your base folder found in Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gametdata/base/
    Mac: Either in the app base folder (right click, show contents), or in user/library/containers/com.aspyr.jediacademy.appstore/data/library/application support/jedi academy/base
    The autoexec.cfg goes in the base folder as well.


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  5. Rosh the Rodian

    This is a single player mod that completely changes Rosh to be a Rodian. His model is now a Rodian but with Rosh's body. His outfit was recolored to better blend with his new skin color. All of Rosh's dialogue was changed to Rodian dialogue from KOTOR. A couple other minimal changes.
    Make sure you have subtitles on for all dialogue. To do that, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type /g_subtitles 1
    If you hate Rosh, this actually drastically makes him more pleasant of a character. His voice is different. His image is different. Your eyes and ears will no longer bleed because he's on the screen!
    Video demo:

    -===- Known Bugs -===-
    Some dialogue might slightly be too long or too short. None should be too drastic. If anything, it'll show that Kyle and Jaden are tired of hearing Rosh open his mouth.


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  6. Santa Claus

    This is a (very) simple reskin of the Porkins model from MB2 and Kyle head to give the appearance of Santa Claus. Comes with team colors, NPC support, and a candy cane saber made by LuckMoonBoy1, from JK2Files.
    This was made for Omicron, for Secret Santa 2014. He allowed me to upload it for the rest of ya'll to use.
    Known Bugs
    Lots of clipping and a missing part of the mesh of the left shoulder.
    I didn't make any of the parts of the model, I merely put them together in Blender. The body is Porkins from MB2 (not sure the author), head is Kyle, and the hat is from MonGo's Santa model. The textures are mostly made from scratch and the original JKA textures. Was a quick job, as you can see.



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  7. Simple Crosshair

    This is a very simple mod that replaces the default crosshair with all but a simple dot. This is common in a lot of games, to simplify a third person or first person experience. I felt like the default crosshairs were created more for guns, and when you play mostly just using a saber (on MP), it's nice to get the bulky crosshair out of the way and keep it simple.
    Again, this is another simple mod that I've had for awhile that I figured others would get use out of.
    This replaces the default crosshair (1) - if you use another built in crosshair (2-10) then you'll need to switch to the default. You can use this command in the console to do so:
    /cg_drawcrosshair 1


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  8. Star Wars Hilt Pack

    One thing I noticed was that there were no hilt packs on JKHub. There were a bunch on JK3Files, but none were uploaded here. I figured I should combine the best ones.
    This mod's goal is to bring together the best lightsaber hilts that have been made for JK2 and JA and make them easily accessible in the SP menu and in the game in general. I take no credit for any of these models or skins, although I did tweak a couple of them a bit.
    Hilts included are as follows:

    Anakin (Episode III)
    Anakin (Episode II)
    Obi-Wan (Episode I & II)
    Obi-Wan (Episode III)
    Obi-Wan (Episode IV)
    Darth Vader (Episode IV & V)
    Darth Vader (Episode VI)
    Luke (Episode VI)
    Mace Windu
    Darth Sidious
    Plo Koon
    Shaak Ti
    Darth Maul
    Darth Maul (damaged)
    Count Dooku

    Known Bugs:
    The shader for the Luke model is a little wonky in the menu but looks fine ingame.
    This is also compatible with my Ingame Character & Saber Menus.
    Hapslash, Trauma Sensei, Broken Hope, Revan Dark, and Khaliban


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  9. Tatooine Sky

    This mod changes the desert skybox to look more like Tatooine, complete with two suns and a vast dune sea. The default one looks pretty bad, so this hopefully improves it a little. If you’re a stickler for detail of Star Wars canon, this mod is for you.
    Originally made this as a request to add a second star to the sky but decided to improve the entire skybox and release it publicly.
    Important note:
    The Desert skybox is used by other maps, so it’ll change those as well. One major one is t1_danger in single player. So it might look bad on there, but if you’re a MP player, it shouldn’t be a big deal.


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  10. Test Maps

    This is yet another simple mod, requested by Penekowski. There are 3 very small maps, with one color for the whole room, making it easy to take screenshot to use in icon creating or other media. Or maybe just to test a skin out. There is a green, white, and grey map.
    To get to the maps, choose one below:
    /map test_white
    /map test_grey
    /map test_green
    The maps are bright, and the shaders used don't reflect light, to my knowledge. That's why you can run into a wall without realizing it.
    Shout out to Penekowski for the idea


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  11. The Ladder (Original JK2 Level) - JA Version

    The original Ladder level by JediNight that was made for Jedi Outcast.
    I take no credit for any of this idea, map, or scripts. I merely included the necessary textures and files needed from Jedi Outcast to make it compatible with JA.
    The original author could not be contacted in any way, as he never included his email in anything he released. I felt this needed to be uploaded to this site and made compatible with JA.
    The Ladder level is a Single Player map that features a "wave" system. After killing the first enemy, two appear. Then 3. Then 2 and a boss. So on and so on. It was made for Jedi Outcast, so it only features enemies from that game. Reborns, Shadowtroopers, Tavion, and Desann. It gets really intense if you try to do it without saving, without force powers, and especially with full dismemberment and saber realism on!
    It's a great idea that keeps the boredom away and is a very underrated feature in the modding community. There needs to be more ladder maps!


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  12. Water Wake Shader MP Fix

    This mod fixes the broken water wake shader in multiplayer, when the player or NPC is standing in water. Normally the shader works in vanilla SP but not in MP, but this will make it work in both. A GIF and video are included to show the difference. Before it was just a static image which looked quite bad.

    I actually made this back in 2016 but completely forgot to release it.
    The file has to be loaded first, even before the assets, so do not rename it. This is why it has a 0 in the name. In addition, the shader itself can't be renamed either.

    -===- Credits -===-
    @AshuraDX for the assistance on this back in 2016. ♥️

    -===- Installation -===-
    PC: Extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
    Mac: Place in Applications/Jedi Academy/base folder


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  13. Wookiee Voices

    This is a single player mod that replaces all of Jaden's lines with Wookiee lines. The point of it is if you wanted to play as a Wookiee, this will improve immersion by not allowing the Wookiee to speak Basic, which isn't possible for a Wookiee. If you're planning on playing SP as a Wookiee, you'll need this. It replaces male and female.
    Use with mods such as these:


    To see what the player is saying outside of cutscenes, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type g_subtitles 1
    I went through each voice line and tried to match the mood and inflection as best as I could. There are only so many Wookiee lines that we have access to, so I'm sure some of them will get old after awhile. Honestly though, it's better than the default male Jaden voice.
    If you're not playing as a Wookiee, remove this mod. It's an all or nothing deal.


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  14. Zoom

    This is a script that zooms using the cg_fov command. Pretty simple and brings back a binocular function that was in JK2. It's especially helpful for taking good screenshots ingame.
    This is based on another script made by [bDC]BountyJedi[JK] on JK3Files a long time ago. I changed it a little bit and explained how to use an autoexec.cfg to simplify use. I give credit to him for the idea.
    This works for SP and MP. It should work for JK2, but I didn't test it.


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