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  1. Really nice work! Would love to see this end up in Moviebattles 2; perfect character for people to go Force-only with.
  2. Always liked this map. As the description indicates, there's not that much to it; a nice mansion, a dock with a cargo boat, and that's about it. No weapon pickups, so any FFAs will be limited to sabers and pistols. Still, it's a good-looking map with nice music and bot support.
  3. Thirded! Played through the mod recently and it was a blast. I'd love to see someone continue the mod, especially with OpenJK allowing people to circumvent previous limitations on modding.
  4. I think I've had this one since soon after it was initially uploaded. Love it; it's an almost exact recreation of the original level from TS2, and it plays pretty well too (though I've only ever done bot matches on this map, so it *might* fall apart when human players start getting up to shenanigans on it; doubt it could play significantly worse, though).
  5. Played a few 32-player bot matches on this map; probably more than the map really supports, but oh well. Seems to play pretty well, bots tend to end up brawling in the train's path and get themselves run down; can't really expect much else from them, of course, but I do have to wonder what you'd see human players doing in a decently sized FFA. (How many would spend any significant amount of time on ground level?) The first time I got run down by the train, it seemed to get stuck on my corpse until the latter disappeared; however, this did not happen any other time people died to the train. I did not experience any issue with the train sinking down into the track. I haven't tried Duel or CTF on this map, so no comment there. The lack of music isn't necessarily bad - there's probably quite a few players who prefer it that way - but was somewhat distracting for me. Overall, I like what I've played; well done!
  6. Freaky Mutant Man


    A recent Rebels episode featured the B-Wing's introduction to the Rebellion, and its creator calls it a "Blade-Wing." Don't know if that lines up with the Legends explanation, but there's your New Canon explanation.
  7. Honestly, my "solution" here is probably the quickest and dirtiest one possible. If it wasn't for OpenJK MP having what seems to be a significantly larger NPC cap than OpenJK SP, I wouldn't have even considered it, as it simply would've shifted the problem and would've messed with NPCs in maps like Midgar 3.0. I can't imagine this being a desirable solution without that kind of generous cap (i.e. JKA without any cap-extending mods). As it is, losing out on custom NPCs in SP only is an acceptable sacrifice if you just want to play through the campaign, as I did.
  8. 1,109 downloads

    If some or all of the vanilla NPCs won't spawn for you and you don't want to fiddle around with your mods to get them working again, this is for you. In trying to get the SP campaign to work, I discovered that OpenJK (using the last September build) apparently has different caps for NPCs and species between SP and MP; while everything works just fine in MP, SP would not show all of my species and, more urgently, would not spawn Rosh or Tavion, rendering the first level unwinnable without cheats. In the process of fiddling around, trying to figure out what to toss out to get all the NPCs working in SP, another solution came to me; simply copy the base NPC files and place them in a .pk3 with a lot of Z's at the front of the filename. It worked, so I'm sharing it. HOW TO MAKE AT HOME: 1. Copy the ext_data/npc folder from assets1.pk3. 2. Paste into a new .pk3 file (can be made by creating a zip, placing the files into it, then changing extension to .pk3). 3. Make sure no NPC mods are loaded before it by adding however many Zs to the front of the filename (4-5 should suffice for most users). 4. Put .pk3 in gamedata/base (or wherever else you need it). 5. That's it. You're done. Make sure it works by starting a SP game. Note that this does not increase the NPC cap; it merely works around it to get the SP campaign functioning. Therefore, expect at least some of your custom NPCs to not spawn with this installed. Credit is appreciated, but not needed if you wish to use this fix for whatever reason in your own mod; it's so simple to do I don't feel comfortable making any claim of ownership over it. This upload is more of a timesaver than anything else.
  9. I did not notice that! Thank you so much!
  10. Just found out about this. This is a gut punch; Jedi Academy was the first game that I recall pumping mod after mod into, until any given bot match was an utter frankenstein of a crossover brawl. Sites like JK3Files and PCGameMods enabled this, and I always loved using them. I even submitted a few files back when I went under the name Cuckoo Man, and made more that I've never submitted anywhere. I'd come back to JK3Files every so often, whether for more mods when I became inclined to play a bit more or just to revisit it. While I knew the site could go under easily, and was always surprised to see it still up, eventually it felt like it'd never actually happen. Now that it's gone, I feel like I've lost a part of my childhood. Though Gamefront still seems to host at least most of the old files, I have no idea how long they'll be up, and the lack of images or proper descriptions on certain files makes it hard to really judge something before using it. I'll never be able to look back on pics of the day or any of the other community content, and that just sucks (even if I know full well I never would've thought about doing such a thing had it survived). Rest in peace, you lovable cobbled together mess; I'll always remember your selection of terrible Reborn, Cultist and Jawa reskins and copyrighted duel music. Thanks for all the years of fun. If it hasn't already been implemented, that Orphaned Files suggestion sounds great; should it happen (or have happened), I might have some files to contribute, possibly a couple stragglers from PCGameMods (though I'm still kicking myself for somehow losing one or two files, such as a Squidward player model that managed to disappear at some point while the accompanying Spongebob model survived).
  11. I just tried it, loading the OpenJK mod folder to make sure, and while it launched, several npcs failed to spawn in the first cutscene, hanging on the very first shot. Skipping that went into the first level, but Rosh, again, failed to spawn. I'm not certain what caused this, but at some point I'll try launching in a cleaned up folder. In any case, OpenJK seems to have the base species limit of 32, so the base species were inaccessible in addition to some early in the load order.
  12. You guys know this handy little thing?: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/JA_Unlimited;87847 Lets you stuff as many models, npcs, sabers, vehicles, etc. without fear of repercussion (besides eventually stability)? This allowed me to stuff thing after thing after thing into my base folder at the cost of one teensy little thing; SP was completely unplayable. Previously, the reason there wasn't an equivalent was because of the lack of a SP SDK, but now that the whole damn source code's out there, it seems like it should be perfectly possible to do something like this. Of course, while I've taken programming classes, they were entry-level high school classes and I am thus absolutely nowhere near confident enough in my abilities to attempt this myself. This seems like a simple enough task, but I could be wrong on that. Anyone who wishes to attempt this will have my eternal gratitude and may request one treasure from my royal vault.
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