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  1. If you walk into the tunnel, you'll probably get hit by a train. If you don't, you'll at some point find a dead end, and will then get hit by a train.
  2. Hi! I haven't been active here in a long time, if ever, but... Since there is a new movie out and JKA is on on Steam's winter sale at the moment, I figured this might be a good time to upload a few maps I hadn't bothered to release yet! So here's my mapping experiments. Some of them were created as far back as in 2009, so the quality level varies a bit. - Rocket launchers, jetpacks and christmas trees! https://jkhub.org/files/file/2600-explosive-christmas/ - Castle in the sky where pulling a lever might kill other players!https://jkhub.org/files/file/2601-the-magic-death-factory/ - CTF with one moving ship per team and fights on the open sea!https://jkhub.org/files/file/2602-wolves-of-the-sea/ - Climbing, jumping, and the occasional train coming through! https://jkhub.org/files/file/2603-bridge-of-awesome/ - Epic duels while running from rising lava! https://jkhub.org/files/file/2604-rising/ I'm aware of a few flaws in some of the maps, but since I don't have the time to fix them, I decided it's better to upload the maps as they are now than never. If there is something that's really bothering you, feel free to comment here or drop me a message. Most of the maps are designed to also work well with weapons and force powers, as that's how I used to play most of the time back in the good old days. I hope that many people will still enjoy these maps!
  3. worldspawn



    What makes duels much more epic? - Rising lava! A map with a lots of vertical space and stairs. Destroy the large column to get the lava flowing, then win by finding just the right balance of lightsabering your enemy and running for your life!
  4. 372 downloads

    A bridge with lots of opportunities to jump, climb, and generally very three-dimensional gameplay. Fun to play with or without weapons. Watch out for the train coming through every now and then... Designed with mostly FFA in mind, but also works well as a duel map, and makes for interesting CTF gameplay as well.
  5. 307 downloads

    Something experimental again! This is a naval battle map designed for CTF games. Each team has their own ship, ships will meet in the middle of the map with some time for fighting, then continue towards the enemy base. To make scoring possible at all, reaching the enemy flag is enough to get a point. Note: As this map had to feature long distances for the concept to work, the ships move stupidly fast at times (so you wouldn't have to wait forever). I recommend not jumping around while the ships are moving that fast, as this doesn't work well with JKA physics and you will fall off the ship. While this map is designed for CTF games, it is also possible to play it in (Team)FFA and even Duel mode.
  6. 131 downloads

    Another old map of mine I found and decided to release! This one is set in a somewhat surreal sci-fi castle floating in the sky. The main area is designed to provide an interesting space for lightsaber duels, while there's also a basement with long corridors and a few guns, and grenades on the towers. A conveyor belt extents throughout the main area. There is a lever in one of the rooms which, when activated, will spawn a random dead NPC onto the conveyor belt, hence the name of the map. There is a small chance that pulling that lever will instead kill a random player from the map and put them on the conveyor belt. This is an extraordinarily hideous gameplay feature and will quickly make everybody hate you (and probably come and kill you) if you use it. Have fun! The colors may be a bit weird as I was experimenting with textures. Sorry for that. Created in 2009.
  7. 190 downloads

    This map is basically made of a few hills with rocket launchers, jetpacks and lots of explosives. It also features an ice slide, presents that explode every now and then, and a super-surprise-christmas tree. It's a rather silly christmas-themed map I made a few years ago. I just found it on my old hard drive and thought I'd publish it, maybe it's gonna be fun for some people!
  8. 125 downloads

    A small duel platform which is surrounded by lava. Hitting the yellow things will have a quite ...apocalyptic... effect. This is my first released map. I im working on a few other maps but i dont think they are good enough to be released yet.
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    A playground for duel and small ffa games.
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    I did this Map for a Mapping Contest on Darth-Arth.de during summer holidays. It won the contest which actually had 4 participants... There are a few things which i would have liked to add, such as sounds, maybe lightning strikes, wind, etc. but didnt have enough time. I had a lot of fun playing this map with friends anyway but was too lazy to submit it for a few months. So have fun! PS You dont have to like the music - IMO it fits to the atmosphere
  11. 247 downloads

    It's a winter landscape set on a mountain, with ski lifts and a frozen lake. There are secrets. I would have loved to give this map a better atmosphere, but i simply don't have the time i would need ( + my PC is ... slow).I would consider this map as a fun map, because there is an imo quite interesting feature: If you find the secret cave and enter the strange light bubble, you and a random other player from anywhere in the map will be teleported into a secret ice duel arena together. If one of you falls down there, the other one will be teleported to a reward... There also is a CTF mode, which should be quite interesting and fun, too - i suggest you just try it out =) This map has the following hidden places: duel-entry cave cave with rocket launcher sniper room in the upper house Furthermore the lower house features a really comfy sauna, where you can heal yourself (use the water pot thingy) and relax from all the cold winter stuff. I'd be happy about feedback. Keep this community alive, guys!
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