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  1. Definitely. He was a badass in todays episode
  2. Oh no, I was referring to the picture gallery at the site. Not insanely useful...but i thought it might help
  3. Here's something to get you started: Lots of good pics on this site, as well as a printable 3D model. Have fun! http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-el-16hfe-blaster-rifle-finn-star-wars/
  4. @@scp_chaos1 I'll just leave this here mate Found a 3D printable model of the EP7 TIE Pilot, lots of pics from different angles. Do with it what you will. http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-tie-pilot-starwars/ Also found one for just the helmet: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-tie-pilot-helmet/ And here are some for the Flametrooper and the Snowtrooper from EP7: Flametrooper: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-model-of-flametrooper/ Snowtrooper: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-snowtrooper-full-body-armor/ And a bonus one for the Flamethrower: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-flametroopers-gun-model-d-93-incinerator-flamethrower-from-star-wars-vii-the-force-awakens-print-ready-file/ For everyone else here, if you know others who may be interested in these, spread the word. Idk whether they'll be useful in modeling though. Have fun, aye?
  5. I really want to see lothal. Would be great to have a crowded narrow city map with marketplaces and houses and towers And with npcsp i want to put imperials everywhere >
  6. Suprised no one has requested this. May have simply missed it. These are bloody gorgeous. Could someone please make them? Top lad Death Trooper 3D Printable Model: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-model-death-trooper-helmet-rogue-one/ Shoretroopers: From Star Wars Celebration 3D Printable Model: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-shoretrooper-model/ (Idk if official but Id be fine with something like this until we get official pics of the back ) 3D Printable Model of Helmet: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-model-shoretrooper-shadow-stormtrooper-helmet/ Tank Trooper: 3D Model of helmet: http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-model-tanktrooper/ Body we havent seen yet, will update when we do Thanks!
  7. Would love to see a sith artiface room! And, the more secrets the better, eh? Maybe... sith ghosts?
  8. It will be compatible for use in singleplayer with the devmap console command, I hope!
  9. @@Jeff Did you ever release the Senate Guard? I tried using the search, but didn't find it.
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