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  1. Very happy to see this. Good work everyone!
  2. That was a really weak article for many reasons, but I am glad that JKA got some love.
  3. He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.
  4. When did you first start playing JKA? Have you played any 1v1 matches that involved a score, teamfights (TFFA or 2v2), CTF or siege, i.e. basically anything where you have losers and winners? Have you had any teachers that showed you how to properly play the game? I am just curious about your experiences with the game, that is all.
  5. Are you trying to say that having a high score on some noname modded FFA server is proof that you are not bad at this game?
  6. But whether or not other people perceive things as good or bad makes no difference for whether or not I should respect cultures or not. If I wrong others in such a way that they cannot retaliate (i.e. that there are no bad consequences for me), then nothing in the world can tell me whether or not I should do it if there is no good or bad at all. By saying that others think x is good or bad you make a descriptive claim, but you cannot then use that claim to say what I should or should not do (cannot draw an ought from an is). It is that, from what you have written so far, your views are self
  7. Why do you think your personal interpretation cannot be possibly 'invalid'? What you have said so far about the gray jedi is just plain incoherent and goes far beyond the textual evidence (be it dialogues or even the wookiepedia definition of a gray jedi) that you should not be surprised that people call you out on it. For example, the (1)-(7) that @@Boothand so very well summarized should make it obvious that one cannot hold all 7 claims without being incoherent. 1 contradicts 2, 5 and 7; 3 contradicts 5 and 6; and 7 pretty much contradicts them all. And even with your @@Cerez emendations t
  8. Yeah, as I mentioned previously, the only way for me to make sense of gray jedi is to think of them as light jedi without being affiliated with the jedi order, i.e. without having to follow precepts, be without passions or only using light side powers or whatever restrictions the order may have put on the jedi out there. They simply work on their own and (might possibly) differ in the means that they use to bring about a balance in the force (i.e. dark side powers, passions or whatnot), but the end goal is the same for them as for the jedi order, namely to establish and maintain balance in the
  9. @@Boothand and I make basically the same points and the bottom line really is that @@Cerez either has to give up claiming that there is no right/wrong or she has to give up claiming that respecting traditions/non-interference is the right thing to do. You can't have both because that would involve a contradiction. As for what @@Boothand wrote, I will defend the gray jedi against the following: It is obvious to me (contra @@Cerez) that the balance is something the gray jedi think is good/right and should be promoted, achieved and maintained, while imbalance is bad/evil and should be avoi
  10. I do not see how you can read that out of the quote. He makes it explicitly clear that "Malak is a tyrant who should be stopped." If someone should be stopped, then it is right for us to stop them. Jolee makes a very clear statement about what is right and wrong and what should be done in the face of an evil person. He doesn't say at all that Malak becoming a tyrant is insignificant: He makes it very obvious that "we're in for a couple of rough centuries" (i.e. it is bad for it to happen) if that happens and that he'd "rather not wait that long". He answers Carth's question with a resounding "
  11. I marvel at the fact that you can say this: And then immediately in the next sentence say something like this: ... without recognizing that the two contradict each other. This exact issue lies at the heart of what others and myself have raised against you previously, which you have yet to address. If 'there is no right and wrong', as you (falsly) claim with no arguments to back it up whatsoever, then the gray jedi cannot justify their actions to restore balance or to not permit the jedi to interfere in the politics of other places. If there is no right and wrong, then we cannot justi
  12. No it's not, but even if it were, it would be wrong of you to pretend to know that not having the Jedi interfere is good for others. In fact, if the Jedi should not interfere, then why should the other group that aims to eradicate the first group? This really hits the nail on the head. Gray Jedi know very well that interference with others can be good because they know very well that establishing and maintaining balance in the force is good. The Jedi know the same, they just disagree about what establishing balance consists in. But yeah, I really think the case for being a gray jedi is an
  13. 1. I agree that all struggle leads to advances of various kinds, but if war is the only form of struggle they have, all progress will be aimed at destroying the other side and therefore will focus on instruments of war, be they weapons or propaganda. Instead of focusing on weapons, they could be focusing on other things instead, things that benefit both sides equally well without bringing about anyone's destruction. In fact, if they are at war, they will try to hinder the progress of the other by any means necessary, which means that manufacturing and research centers, including their top scie
  14. @@Cerez, to create peace and maintain justice is not the same as making everyone into Jedi. I do not know why you think the end goal for the Jedi is to make everyone into a Jedi. After all, the end goal for the police is not to make everyone into a police officer, it's merely to maintain a peaceful and just society so that others can flourish.
  15. It really depends on whether the force is a single unitary thing or whether there is a dark and light side of the force as two separate things with a common basis. The former would make the force like a sea, which can be turbulent with a lot of waves (dark side) or tranquil and flat (light side). The latter would make the force like atoms, which are both in fire (dark side) and ice (light side). Although ice and fire are still fundamentally atomic, we would not say that fire is hot ice and vice versa. They are two different things that merely have a common microstructure. But a sea is still a
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