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Tompa's WIP thread

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On 8/23/2019 at 10:02 AM, Tompa9 said:

RELEASE: Ben Solo 


I've decided to make Ben Solo before he turned to the Dark Side. It uses my personal edit of Kylo Ren's head from Force Arena and traditional Haps Jedi body mesh. In order to use his accurate saber from the movie you have to download recent release of Plasma's saber pack!

Link: https://mega.nz/#!BdtkEa7C!5n783OBoaX-IaemYNR-V0z2oGD4hLr4Sa4TQsFWwLZI






Its cool but can you do it for SP pls? I really would like to play it like that or tell me how i can make it played as single player without the cheat "Playermodel"

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13 hours ago, Untold Prophecy said:

Would you be willing to make this model available to download? I've been debating on asking for this port from Kotor 2 for a while, but I didn't realize anyone had done it already. 

Sry, this model was removed from my HDD and link expired. I dont plan to redo it again ?

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On 2/8/2020 at 7:40 PM, sebb0 said:

Any chance you'll release a ben solo model from TROS to the public or for Peneke pack on mb2?

Hi mate. Probably no, because it has ported head. Maybe later i will do better version more accurate to the comics.

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Hey Tompa, I've got two requests if you have a moment.

Would you be willing to do a version of your Crait Luke with ROTJ Luke's head? (young Luke with the Crait robes)
And would you be willing to do a separate download/release for the OT blades from Movie Duels remastered for vanilla JKA?

Thanks man!

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