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  1. the models are great. but I have a bug that shows my hair when I play.
  2. hello good morning. in advance forgive my English I am Spanish. You see, I wonder if you can put an animation or lightsaber stance to a model and a different one to another model. more than anything to be able to play jedi academy putting a little more variety to the models when fighting each one has a different animation. This is for my personal use only. Thank you for your time.
  3. sorry tompa do you know where i can find a model of kylo ren version TROS? I'm looking for him like crazy.
  4. ¿Consideraría agregar el sable de luz de Darth Caedus, así como algún modelo de la galaxia Edge Hilts en una próxima actualización? Adoro tu trabajo y que la fuerza te acompañe.
  5. good morning. I understand your point of view but if it is for fear that I use your work to make it happen for me or to give it, don't worry, my intention is to enjoy its incredible mod for my personal use exclusively. I just loved his work and I wanted to enjoy it and as for making models I at the moment are still in diapers like who says jajajajaja. Sorry, I'm from Spain. As I said I have no idea even if my team supports the programs to make models and I don't know if I would know how to do it. If someone wants to teach me I would be happy to learn but between that I learn I would love to en
  6. hello the model is amazing you can post link please
  7. Sorry for a preview of the next update as the departure date? And the saber flare know could be added those of episode 4 or rebels in retro plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr7ufR7utEo
  8. ¿Perdón por una vista previa de la próxima actualización como la fecha de salida? ¿Y se podría agregar la llamarada del episodio 4 o los rebeldes en plan retro?
  9. hello your models of kylo ren from movie duels are sublime. it would be a lot to ask for a link of those models for sp. I love your facial model. greetings from Spain
    sorry I see that there are animations of different characters with which trick are those of anakin and then I change them with those of dooku for example for jaden?
    perdona las molestias. El sable de luz de tu personaje se puede usar para cualquier otro modelo como Jaden Kor. gran trabajo
  10. sorry for the effect of lightning 2 hands level 2 as applied in md, kotf2.1?
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