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  1. Is Movie Duels available for Mac yet?
  2. These are amazing, ZelZel, one after the other! Keep up the awesome stuff.
  3. New findings: If you use a disruptor to disintegrate the body of say, a dead Rebel NPC in front of another Jedi NPC, then that other Jedi will try and kill you for treason, just as it would if you killed any ally in front of another ally. When you jump from a higher point, the fall damage is reduced if you crouch, and it's reduced even further if you roll the second you hit the ground. You fall from a high point but miraculously land in a body of water! Hurray, no fall damage, right? Wrong. The second you hit the floor at the bottom of the water, or walk/jump out of the water and land anywhere, the fall damage kicks in. On the starting point of Taspir 1, if you noclip through the first building and get to the other side of it, you will find the two bridges that you're supposed to unlock (one at the very top, one across the sea of lava) already unlocked. You wanna fight with your bare hands? Cool. Put in "iknowkungfu" and you can, right? The downside to that cheat code is that it also maxes out ALL your Force stats. Mind Trick becomes Mind Trick 4, etc etc You just want a fair mano a mano fight with no boosts? Write give weapon_melee and that'll do the trick. SP Mode of Jedi Academy has a limit to how many new models it'll compute. Not many downsides, but as a result of this you will stop seeing certain NPC in the game, like weequays and the occasional wild tauntaun. And as a result of that, if you try to play the Mos Eisley level, it will stop midgame and crash, because the cinematic no longer has any weequays in the scene. On Hoth 1, you've managed to kill the AT-ST and have now entered the base. If you decide to walk out, there'll be an additional legion of stormtroopers waiting for you, if you're on 'Jedi Master' difficulty. If you jump then no clip while keeping the space bar pressed, you actually keep consuming Force energy like a really long jump would. The 'give force' cheat only restores your Force up to 100. If your full Force bar is at, say, 250, you'll still need to wait a bit before your levels are full once again. Rodians are arguably the weakest enemy NPCs in the game. While every other enemy NPC requires at least two mouse-click low-powered headshots, the Rodians only require one. If you unlock the Raven's Claw first, on Tatooine (Mos Eisley), and use Force Sense, you can actually see Chewie walk away from that gunfight he was in, with those guys who cornered him. They're all lying dead.
  4. Yes. So the mod is too detailed for the game? How do I get the LOD just right?
  5. I'm trying to play as Boba Fett (talking about ZelZel's masterpiece which can be found here). Aaaand it works! He appears in the SP menu! However, whenever I try to use pick him, the second he is about to get hit by a blaster bolt or about to hit someone, the game crashes. I feel like I'm missing something. Is there a file I forgot to add in the .pk3? Can anyone take a look (the file I'm using can be found here) and let me know what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  6. Gonna use Godzilla to fight against the mutant rancor
  7. Oooh, Tenebrae's fun! Valkorion/Vitiate's true original form.
  8. I'm gonna give the Tank Saber to Desann
  9. Love using these skins. They're just awesome. Really good work, bravo. Here's some pics from the cinematics!
  10. Oh damn, let's see how Vader deals with this evil bastard
  11. Because of the last Mandalorian episode, I'm playing as ROTJ Luke, mainly, using dark_apprentice's skin pack. I was wondering if anyone had any links to Darktrooper NPCs I could use, to try and reproduce his battle on Gideon's light cruiser.
  12. Ah, I stand corrected, then, my bad. Also fair enough on not releasing or PM sending anything, up to you. As they say in Italy, "hai già dato", aka: you've already contributed plenty to the hub ? The Punisher, should I assume the same goes for you, on this?
    This is amazing and friggin' leggendary! Thank you for bringing this to the JKHub community. You rock!
  13. First Morrigan, then Cade! Nice going, gonna enjoy playing as the last Skywalker.
  14. Oooh, I can see this being a Maul from a period in-between TCW and Solo! The Dark Apprentice Starkiller outfit is a nice touch.
  15. Okay, bringing it back. If you keep the crouch button pressed while using a long jump, half the time you'll be going further than you would've if you didn't. Also bind 'thereisnospoon' to a key... press that key... then do a long jump right after? The jump is about 40-50% longer than if you do it normally and for a moment, it looks like you're actually gonna fly. Which is amazing, frankly, because this allows you to cross things that are waaaay out of reach, like: The two plateaus on the Tusken mission, where you have a bridge to cross, right out of the first cave section? You don't need to cross it. Just use (what I've now dubbed) "ULTRA JUMP"! When you disarm the second bomb on Bakura, just Ultra Jump across the chasm, instead of going back through the mine corridor again. You can literally cover any distance on Kril'Dor, in fact with the ultra jump, the risk is jumping too far. You can cross the chasm on Korriban2. You can Force Push concussion rifle shots and rockets back, and the secondary attack of the heavy repeater... but you can do that with flechettes too! They're slower too, so it's much easier to repel. The cultist_destroyer kills everyone, to my surprise, not just good guys. Force Lightning 2 has a farther reach than Force Lightning 3. Mind Trick 2 is overall more efficient than Mind Trick 3, imo. Mind Trick 2 makes you invisible to your enemies' eyes, but can also stop a rancor in its tracks, and make one of those mercs on a swoop dismount his bike and just stand there. Mind Trick 3... let's say you're on Korriban 2, and killed a friendly Jedi in front of another Jedi. All the friendlies turn against you. And so do the stormtroopers you've put under your Mind Trick 3 spell! So if you're on playerteam free, all Mind Trick 3 will get you is that your victim will try to kill you and the enemy, rather than just the enemy. However, if you use Mind Trick 3 on an opponent, turning them, then setmindtrick 2 in the console, that opponent remains a good guy with no time limit. You can turbo punch someone, like Windu does in the old Clone Wars cartoon. Just give yourself iknowkungfu, save the game, quit then reload it, and boom: no judo moves like the ones Kyle_boss does, but you can basically hit someone at super speed, by combining the punches with Force Speed 2 or over. On Kril'Dor, after you activate the beacon waaaay at the bottom of the facility, if you use noclip and speed upwards while you're on the elevator, that will make the spawning flying troopers have rocket launchers, instead of the heavy repeaters. In the rancor level where you need to save the prisoners? You know how every time you go down that elevator there's a new wave of baddies waiting to fight you, in the cantina? 1st time, it's a bunch of Gran, then the Trandoshans, then the trip mines and a gran? There's a 4th wave, if you go down the elevator after saving the elders, where 2 trandoshans, 1 gran and 1 rodian sniper are waiting for you. On Chandrila, anything that requires Force Sense to find it also requires you to be actually having Force Sense on, to use it. Like, the big door that you need to Force Pull open? It won't open unless you used Force Sense, even for a second. Small glitch on Taspir 2, fun to exploit: if you save the game right before landing on the platform where you find Rosh and consider killing him or sparing him, when you load that game, you will find yourself witnessing the cutscene from a 3rd person shooter POV, in-game. As in, you will be watching the you, Rosh, Alora and Kyle npcs interact, and you can keep on doing what you want, chop em in half, push em around, whatever. Also, on Taspir 2 there is this box-like item, right before you reach the first checkpoint. It interacts with Force Pushes and Pulls, which allows you to quite literally bludgeon your opponents to death with it, and carry it with you with Force Pulls. Even the Reborn Master is powerless against the power of the box of doom. Most 'boss fights' have something breakable as part of their environment. In the Rosh fight, it's the pillars, in the 2nd Alora fight, it's the boxes, and in the Tavion/Ragnos fight, it's the torches. The best way to beat Tavion with the Ragnos Scepter while they're doing their laser beam thing, is if you Force Grip her and just chuck her in the air, which is a surprisingly easy thing to do. The Ragnos Scepter's laser beam is a concentrated non-stop version of the disruptor rifle's beam. A group of 4-5 Tuskens have a solid chance of winning against a new reborn warrior.
  16. That's me half the time ? The fights in Jedi Academy are just realistic, so when the NPCs fight each other, it really looks like a hardcore fight from the Original Trilogy.
  17. Pretty sure Lord of Hate was referring to the fact that UM-3154 is porting these models, rather than saying he made them. The title of the thread says "porting" projects, I doubt anyone is gonna mistakenly assume UM-3154 modeled them.
  18. It's a nice little extra feature that brings the whole thing a lot of style. Thanks for putting in the time and work, Ruxith! Can't wait to play with this!
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