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  1. Fair enough. Really, I'm just venting my disappointment with the sequels.
  2. Come on, now. At their best, they were mute Boba Fetts. They were there for 2 minutes and died when they actually had something to do. They look cool though.
  3. Wow, you're already treating them better than Disney by actually acknowledging them.
  4. What animations are you using? Very Battlefront 2-esque
  5. Be sure to get his signature underbite!
  6. Could we also get a better look at the Second Sister model you've been working on?
  7. Well, you two are troopers and we all salute you Your bosses on the other hand...
  8. So aside from requests, what projects are you working on?
  9. the Penekepack for MBII actually has an improved mud trooper
  10. "Not everyone can do it as well..." That's why you learn it yourself.....to do it better
  11. The skybox for the Siege of Dac map is pretty good
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