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  1. As he meditates on the way to Kashyyyk, Cal senses a call to Coruscant. It leads him to the destroyed temple of the former Jedi Knights, where he is greeted by the legendary warrior Ahsoka Tano. But, the second sister followed him all this time ...
  2. really want to see this model for ventress
  3. u have discord or give me ur mail?
  4. Welcome home buddy! It's been a while..
  5. https://easyupload.io/h9cqju not sure it works 100%
  6. I created this topic to share eachother how we would see some moments from the current canon!?
  7. maybe some swtor models? i love this sets..it looks like an inquisitor from empire era http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/swtor-zakuulan-inquisitors-armor-set-male_thumb.jpg https://s3.amazonaws.com/dulfy.net/uploads/2018/03/swtor-sith-cultists-armor-set-male_thumb.jpg
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