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  1. ive seen what he looks llke you could honestly just use reborn sounds on him as a place holder
  2. someone told me you finished the model but haven't posted him here yet why is that
  3. lol i have 2016 the only version there is no plugin for
  4. is this the model from goh?
  5. is this tread dead cuz nobody has heard from him in almost a month
  6. im having a hard time finding him your dropbox can you give the link to him
  7. amazing job on cade any plans for his friend jariah to complete his crew
  8. its got nothing to do with the model that has to do with him being a darkside character sometimes jka doesnt let you do friendly fire thats also why enemy ai doesnt attack you
  9. have you considered that maybe others would like to see another interpretation of him
  10. great job on palpatine havent checked out anakins yet but great job
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