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  1. what about an fbx scene into gtk?
  2. great job on palpatine havent checked out anakins yet but great job
  3. i thought i saw someone making her in a wip thread somewhere not sure tho
  4. i saw this and was wondering if you ever released it it looks amazing
  5. i like armored manta look better
    these look great good work one saber from swtor i think the community and i would love to see in this pack is The Dark Honor Guard’s Unstable Saber
  6. i have a link to https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=13145 here if u can extract he audio from the file there we would be very grateful
  7. nice do u think you can do one for satele
  8. nice did u release yours i know jeff has one in his possesion
  9. i have a rose npc message me your discord info
  10. does it lag slow down the base game or crash
  11. can someone swap the head on that model with kylo ren so you can have a redeemed ben solo
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