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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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Haven't checked all of them @Jeff, but  I can say for sure the Jaina_Jedi one needs flipping of normals on the back of the head, otherwise her head appears half invisible ingame.



They look absolutely fantastic however, I am in awe. Adore the tunic texture as I adore the 'fur' on the jacket (things I believe are added that I hadnt seen before anyway)

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With my time inside, I've been tuning up my Jedi academy game. I've decided to adjust/modify/add certain aspects to all my downloaded Jedi academy models to make them as movie-accurate as possible including adding sounds, improved skins, botfiles, etc. And put them in chronological order throughout the Disney "canon" and legends (EU). It's always been a small hobby but the quarantine has really made me get to work on it! Hashtag positive thinking.


...So thanks for the addition. I needed a good Zannah

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