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  1. They have models out there with Temuera Morrison's face. I'd love to have an alternate with his sarlacc scarred face! Haha I was gonna try that if I could find the time..
  2. Oh. One of the many background aliens I've never noticed. Even after 500 viewings
  3. I believe someone else has already made that.
  4. Either way. Still looks great. Either way. Still looks great
  5. Woooooooo! Wat Tambor! I can't get over it
  6. I'm not even sure what discord is... Haha
  7. I agree with most of what you said... Except Dave Filoni isn't always gold. First few seasons of Clone Wars was definitely mostly cringeworthy. But Bad Batch has been great so far!
  8. I thought this was a kitbashing topic...
  9. That reminds me. No one has tried to make a good Shriv model. Shriv is Lando's wisecracking friend from Battlefront II. Love that guy. A basic duros but would have to have the right sounds!
  10. Anybody make a nightsister yet?
  11. There has been such tremendous progress since the last time I checked in! keep it up!
  12. Wat Tambor!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Movie DUELS, I got confused. Too similar of names! Ohhhhhhhhhh. Movie DUELS, I got confused. Too similar of names!
  14. I recently updated the Adi Gallia that I think Kualan made? (for personal use). Anyways, I was gonna try and find a way to add her CW gauntlets onto that model but I've been doing other things. If I do get started on that one, it seems to be easy to translate to Obi-wan's. So I'll add that on there if I have the time/ once I finish the other things I'm working on... I'll keep you posted!
  15. Hey all, I remember about 10 years ago, they had a duel map of the area where Ventress and Dooku spar after their first meeting in Clone Wars (2003). Does anyone still have it? I remember it being awesome but I can't find it anywhere! Not even in mrwonko's collection of old filefront maps... Any help here would be hot. Thanks
  16. BEAUTIFUL WORK! I'm super impressed... But you stole some of my ideas that I wanted to do jk great work!
  17. I don't get it... This is online only I thought. No NPC's...? Either way, I've been slowly putting all the cool content from all SW eras together using various people's work along with my own to make a master collection of content for playing against computer players. It's gonna take me forever but I'm loving building it! Kinda like your idea... I love the idea of moviebattles, I just don't wanna play with humans...
  18. Correction! After much experimenting, I have figured out how to edit these files using a hex editor. If anyone needs help, I can tell you more about it. The only hiccup I've run into is ADDING to the files. Like if a file has no music assigned to it in the bsp file, I have no clue how one would be able to add it in. I've played with it in all kinds of ways and no luck. If anyone knows how to ADD to bsp files, lemme know. For now, I'm pretty content with changing the bsp file using a hex editor!
  19. BlindDaThief

    JA++ Download

    I gave it a shot. Doesn't seem to work still goes to the base openjk. Thanks for trying tho! I appreciate the help either way!
  20. I love this HUD. Terrific job! Question tho, whenever I start up the game with it, it gives me an error message in the cmd console that says something to the effect of: error ui/hud_menu unknown command number on line 205- 360, 180 I looked at line 205 of the hud_menu but I have no idea what the numbers of 360 and 180 are even for, so I didn't want to mess it up. Let me know what they should be? or what else to do if anything ... thanks!
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