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  1. 8 year old me is really excited to see the person who funded most of my childhood npc battle memories back in action. 20 year old me is excited for the return of one of JKA's greatest, if not the greatest, mapper to return.
  2. 280 downloads

    This is The Mandalorian's episode 2 appearance. It is by no means complete, and I plan to have a full beskar armor version upon the next update. NPC: npc spawn din It does include some sounds, though not too many, as to avoid spoilers, for the most part. Version 1 will have more sounds.
  3. I do have a bit of a work-in-progress that I've been working on, in addition to other mandalorian models. I've created it as an MB2 replacement, but I can see about getting it released for just OpenJK. It's 8.5k verts, though, so it's a large boy. Picture here: Right now, it needs some extra weighting work done, and I can't seem to remember how double sided faces work in JKA, but other than that, it's fairly good to go. EDIT: Also needs shaders, almost forgot.
  4. I think that's the modding epitome of hot.
  5. I don't think Mini's comment was really meant to offend you, just him correcting you and then making a general statement, which is true all around. Everyone starts somewhere, and recently, it's been more or less with Kitbashing, and I think that's more or less because of a surge of activity in the modding community. No need to get offended and attack him.
  6. I'd say take a look in JAWSFreelao's thread. Specifically this: https://jkhub.org/topic/6061-jaws-skins-ish/page-11 It's currently in the works.
  7. Looks good, Only qualms I have are the holster placements and some slight discoloration. Otherwise, nice work!
  8. Much better Vizsla than my shoddy attempt. Nicely done, as always, Jeff!
  9. If you wanted to modify the body armor to resemble the Phase I clones more closely, you could just shorten the vertex that pushes out the breastplate a little bit, and then move vertexes so that where in between the belt and the lower torso armor, the indent is a little higher up. Those are the major differences between p1 and p2, with the main others being the shoulders and the straps for the torso armor. Reference pictures: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/mec/images/9/9c/0000000000.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120401033106 and http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa411/threeAradio/Clonearmor_negwt_zpse62ac2e1.jpg But the helmet itself looks great. Maybe a few touchups here and there, but looks good.
  10. I kind of like that Shoretrooper-esque variant. Reminds me more of a cross between the regular stormtrooper and the shoretrooper.
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