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  1. I decided to make a Star Destroyer npc I don't know why, I was just bored I just need to make some shaders for engines and glows
  2. I'll consider it and remove logos if I have to
  3. Thank you for everyone asking I'm fine for now thank goodness Earthquakes are still happening but thankfully my home is fine and undamaged, I hope it'll stay that way Earthquakes are small for now, not like first 3 horrible ones But I hope earthquakes end so soon As for other matters I decided to combine first 3 episodes together The Beginning Part I-II-III And I will work on Episode 4 and 5 as soon as things calm down a bit Enjoy!
  4. Fall of Lotus: A Star Wars Story (2018) Old Poster New Poster
  5. I will develop myself in Unreal Engine and create more Star Wars contents in time Enjoy!
  6. Update As I mentioned, newer versions of Ninja Ripper doesn't work in SWTOR But I decided to test old version again Then I realized that Ninja Ripper doesn't work only on my own characters But it works on other player characters or npcs So we have hope May the Force be with us all
  7. Greetings, probably some of you saw what I or others did for modding Jedi Academy Like porting characters from the game and converting them into JKA for example And we were using Ninja 1.7.1 to port this But unfortunately 1.7.1 doesn't work anymore, I mean it ports characters into million pieces, terrible quality and incomplete I got Ninja Ripper 2.0.11 and tried again but it causes SWTOR to crash all the time This new Ninja Ripper uses both d3d files and dgVooDoo2 And it seems its dgvoodoo2 causes game to crash or stop working or not responding I wonder did anyone tried new Ninja Ripper and port player characters from SWTOR? Or managed to port characters without crashing or something I would like to know and if there is a way, please let me know
  8. Premiere January 12th for Spark of Hope Episode 3
  9. Magnificent I would eat this map if it was a dessert
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