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    We should make a Machinima with this map
    Looks both good and scary
  1. Spark of Hope - Episode 3 Spark of Hope - Episode 5 Spark of Hope - Episode 14
  2. Hello JKHub members, I'm having a sound problem in modded Jedi Academy I'm using openjk or Galactic Legacy I was trying to open a map from Movie Battles and it gives me this error um_bespin.bsp from mb2_um_assets4.pk3 I dont think it's about failed spawned npcs, I believe its about that ERROR: AS_ParseSets Base folder has just default files and my scripts, nothing about textures or sounds I hope we can solve this problem
  3. It's still sad to see problems made you stop developing this story
  4. I also want to learn that is it possible to merge animations from him? I want to create a private humanoid With so many CINs I will create to execute
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