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    Please, not ask me more for any kind of help or partecipation on modding project. I have an hell time with heal's problems, so i cannot manage no one more of these requests.

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  1. Why not put it on tier 3, but make little more hard the fight againt trandoshans swoopers? (i not know exactly how, without editing the map itself,.., maybe some fix of scripts, maybe is possible to give to trandoshan troops a little armor points for make ther more hard to defeats.)
  2. Asgarath83


    It's an amazing work Biggs, i love the etnic and ancient civilian and exocitc architecture themed maps and that is one of the best i've seen.
  3. Cool. i should remember to use _keeplights on my projects. thanks.
  4. Interesting. i didn't knew that uv lock can preserve from this issue. thanks man! :)
  5. Sadly lights never be decompiles and get ever losted alls. textures lots their alignments. misc_models are losted too, they become structural brushes. Again i not way a better way to decompile BSP.
  6. Amazing job. the best way for learn how maps and how jka works is to study original maps.
  7. not possible without coding, sorry man. With coding and basic C++ knowledge is easily possible to customize lightning effects by npc CLASS (player can use with playermodels) or, much better, create new enumerators for customize force power with a new varibles, (you make a list on code of ALL force lightning, heal, rage etc, effect you want and you use an if/else stuff in code, or a switch/case statement for change the visual effects and also MOD_damage, in relation of what kind of effect you want) Unlockly, force powers and weapons are heavily hardcoded on original JKsp. Is possible only with a code hacking of wp_saber.cpp / cg_players.cpp for single player and c_players.c and w_force for multiplayer. i am working to a code hack (only single player for moment) for adding a library for customizing shoot weapons (exactly like SAB files for sabers) and force powers, but i have also trouble of real life and other stuff to do, and i'm alone on that, so my project going very very very very slow).
  8. Pretty cool! on my personal project i have 12 elements basics instead of 6, and they can be linked also to zodiacal signs. Fire - Aries Light - Leo Spirit - Sagittarius Sound - Taurus Mind - Virgo Earth - Capricorn Wood - Libra Air - Gemini Metal - Acquarius Water - Pisces Darkness - Cancer Poison - Scorpion + Holy / Necro / Hell / Time and Space also, they can merge togethers for create 244 hybrid combinations, so for example: air+earth dust, fire+water lava, fire+light sparks, etc
    I didnt' seen the movie, but i love how is done this map. is dark and claustrophobic. smart idea the hatches NPCs. i not understood well the code numbers however. this map is for everyone that love puzzles. it take a very lot of patience for find the exit without die. also, there is the problem to remember the followed path of the labyrinth. maybe use laser trip mines for marks the path is a good idea. however is ... DEADLY. this map is most deadly of a duel against a thusand of sith reborn all at once time.
  9. Really grans drinks too much ruby blies or corellian coffees. nice scripts. they are a lot more smart and vicious of default foes.
    Nice Small map of a storage, very metal and grey enviroment. Thugs are nasty and vicious and is an hard level to play. A very nice work of Ramikad. I love the cranes.
  10. Thanks God! I love you for this, ashura!
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