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    Italy, Sardinia
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    Star Wars, Star Trek, Reading, Writing, Fantasy, Science fiction, comics, music, art, science, astronomy, biology, history, misteries of life, magic, etc etc etc.

    Please, not ask me more for any kind of help or partecipation on modding project. I have an hell time with heal's problems, so i cannot manage no one more of these requests.

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I am a young Italian that love Jedi academy game, single, unique son, i live alone with my parents in a very lonely and sad place in the heart of south sardinia. I pass time on pc modding and writing science fiction stories.

I have heal problems for a syndrome, so my life is very limitated. I have not much friend, for my persoanlity very complex and for my problems , i not esc much by home. My human relations are 90% by web. :\

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