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  1. Type in /map or /devmap chernobyl (if you want cheats enabled) in console (Shift+(~)) (~) Tilda should be under esc button.
  2. 147 downloads

    Title: Chernobyl NPP - Nuclear Power Plant Author/Creator: Agent47 Purpose: Multiplayer Programs: GTK Radiant 1.6.6 Q3Map2 Descirption: The map resembles the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The map design was inspired by the one from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Music: The map uses a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack, specifically the S.A.D. by MoozE. Link to a soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFJrA3uk4Pw Installation: Extract the ZIP file using WinRAR or 7Zip. The extracted files place in the Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game Data/base folder. You can uplo
  3. Hi, I have a Server with JA++ installed , and I have completly no clue how to turn off or at least reduce saber blocks by 70 percent as of right now, they are terrible. The Saber blocks almost every hit, which makes the game (competitively) almost unplayable. I did set these cvars to a minimum: set japp_saberBlockChanceMax "-1" // Maximum chance of saber blocking set japp_saberBlockChanceMin "-1" // Minimum chance of saber blocking set japp_saberBlockChanceScale "-1" // Minimum chance of saber blocking set japp_saberBlockStanceParity "-1" // Difference between block rate of each stan
  4. Version 1.0


    Title: Tournament of Power Arena - PowerArena Author/Creator: Agent47 Purpose: Multiplayer Programs: GTK Radiant 1.6.5 Q3Map2 Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Photoshop CC Descirption: The map resembles the Tournament of Power Arena that had his first appearance in Dragon Ball Super Series. The Zeno house is a not exact copy as I had limited information about its appearance. Music: The credits for a soundtrack of the map goes to PokéMixr92 Soundtrack: Dragon Ball Super - Clash of Gods (HQ Recreation) His YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEBs-tkLNOkLoQu_OkbQ5w Installation: Ext
  5. I apologise that I did not respond previously, but I was busy. Basically, I found out that indeed you were right the server was running JA+ Binaries. However, I did a fresh install of JA++, yet this time the server does not even want to start up. I attach console log.
  6. I do not know how an unzipped map would help with a problem, but I tried a thing that you have said, yet it still loads defualt map.
  7. Curiously, how it is possible that I am able to login to a Council, Knight or either Instructor with amlogin, yet other commands such as ammerc, amempower, amkick etc. ( Do I need to mention each one that is working? Because, basically amslay and amclips are the exceptions). In addition, people when join the server has a ja++ interface, they are able to use a ja++ graphic settings and customise their lightsabers, including RGB color change.
  8. But server is running ja++ fine, despite these two issues.
  9. Basically, I have got a JA++ server, where I have uplouded my custom maps, however they are not working (it seems like the server does not recognise or searches a pk3 files as it loads defualt map). When, I use them locally, there is no such as issue. I did found a topic, which suggest to include a line in server cfg fs_dirbeforepack 1, yet it does not change anything at all. In addition, there are missing command such as amslay or amclip. I have used a Bit-Field Calculator to workout a allowance value for admins, its still recognised as a Unknown Command. Beside, these problems a server works
  10. I would like to port Call of Duty maps to Jedi Academy, especially mp_pavlov, however there is a problem with map versions. Also, I have tried to decomplile it to a .map and use gtkradiant, however there is an error that a map has a version of 59, not 46. So here goes my question has anyone of you tried to port a bsp map from different games to the jedi academy? I will be satisfied with any answers.
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