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  1. i can do that shader with a png image? or only jpg
  2. Hey guys, im making a map, and my idea its add hologram effects ( like the academy v3) of some members of my clan. Im searching in internet but i cant find a tutorials :s If someone can explain to me how to do it i will apreciate it! Gree ttings !
  3. -Z-

    JD coliseum by Z

    Ty guys! Remember, for acces admin room climb the cage of luke. For open doors jump the buttons and press it.
  4. Version 1.0


    MAP *************************** Title : JD coliseum by Z Author : -Z- E-Mail : zakitas17@gmail.com File Version: 1.0 File Name : jd.pk3 ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Map Information Resume * Mapp created in honor to all players of JD. Its a futuristic coliseum, can be used for torunaments or any type of event in jk3. Have 3 floors: 1st floor for tournament, have the arena and cells, it contains too the drake of clan, its a model created and modificated for me. Too acces to the floors we will use teleports. In the third floor we have the throne.
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