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  1. Replacing the repeater will be more difficult, as it uses two models at once for display. This requires a hex editor. Open the rifle md3 model in the editor and edit all the paths to the textures. Type paths models / weapons2 / е_22 / * texture_file * "е_22" replace with "heavy_repeater" in all paths, save. Rename the rifle model to heavy_repeater.md3, and the folder name to heavy_repeater. Save to pk3. But the game will remain the trunk from the repeater and it will look ugly. It will be necessary to replace the empty file heavy_repeater_barrel.md3, I have one. There may also be a problem wit
  2. Hey, I love it, It's a really cool model! But I found a little glitch with his hips, when you take off the cape, there is a little void. how can it be fix?
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