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    Might as well release this first piece that I worked on. I was working on this just before putting my attention on the JoF Temple. There was a time when JoF server map was permanently Jedi's Home II. I wanted something more, so I decided to make an epic map that would replace the JH2 with superior fun and function. I was innocent and did not know anything about fps or area portals back then. This was the first map I attempted to release, and this is the first version that was tested with a group of people. Most them had unplayable fps, at least in the above portion of the map; the underground was playable by many. I dropped this map at that point. The map has only ambient light, so it might be bit dark. I really do enjoy the layout still ^^ This definitely is a piece of me I put a lot of heart in. Wanted to upload it here for safe keeping Check it out if you like
  2. sweeet now I find this :D But I'm unable to access it, jka shuts down and says "Bot route data not found for s_pillar_duel Loading dll file ui. Loading dll file cgame. Shutting down OpenGL subsystem Requested feature was omitted at compile time" never seen that before.
    Just saw this. Mind blooown :0 Hot textures and a fun map ? And those effects x_x wow
    ahaa, cool Atlas ? I didn't know you were this deep into mapping. Surprised to find your stuff here. A neat map ?
  3. Hello! I'm Fifthforge.. dont remeber my names when I played but w/e It's been a while since I played Jka. I started when it was released and played for couple of years. Now I heard about the released source code and I'm exited to come back and see what you ppl will be able to do with it I cheked jk3files and saw JKHub mentioned there. ..now. I'm pretty lost about what mods should I get.. I'm sure I'll figure it out, but it would be nice to point me in the right direction. Like what are the "must haves" and what are the best servers '-' (I'm form Finland) Thx
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