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    As the name would suggest, this is a small mod that changes the saber stances and a few tweaks to the ingame animations; Blue, Yellow and Red Stance has been changed, each has its own animation when switching stances. All walk forward animations for all saber types has been changed also. The Duel and Staff saber walk always looked terrible to me and needed a change. Quite a few other minor animation have also been adjusted; When you drop off a ledge, you no longer assume the crouch position. Some/most Taunt animations have been modified. My personal favourite modification is the block blaster animations. Now when someone shoots at you, you perform a neat swing of saber in front of yourself. I was looking for something that reflects Anakin's 'arrogance' in combat here, I feel this has done it to the best of the available animations available in game, without actually creating any new ones. (I don't know how to create new animaions)
  2. aidy


    Version v2


    A mod to change saber stances and a few other animations. Many animations/stances have been changed for this version of my mod. All - if not most saber stances have been changed. List of changes (off the top of my head): The jetpack movement animations have been changed, now look a whole lot more like the player is actually effecting the movement whilst in air! The posture has been changed when you step off an edge, no longer goes into the 'tucked up' position, looks more like someone would look getting ready to land! The taunt animations for Duel & Staff sabers have been changed. The walk for single saber has changed also. All previous animation changes from earlier mod have been kept.
  3. Version v2


    A small mod to change saber stances and other animations. In version 2 I've changed the kick animation a little, so it isn't so fast and has fewer frames. IMO it looks a lot better this way. I've also changed the force jump back sommersault bit. (Hld jump then tap backwards) You probably won't see this happen that often. There is also an "off the wall" animation changed (can't remember if was in 1st version, and if it was then it only worked when kicking off to the left) If you start a wall run then press jump+opposite direction of wall straight away you should see this animation, its a kinda Horisontal spin thing, but it doesn't actually replace the "Kick off" so it don't look silly when you side kick off a player or a wall for that matter. Nothing too great but a change from the normal I think. Also included is the qvm file from the jedimoves20.pk3 made by Master D-Ley Amas. Below is his readme: "Description : *All saber styles are now infinitely chainable (in multiplayer only), giving medium style back it's advantage and giving strong style an added edge. *The dual-bladed saber can now be activated without using cheats in multiplayer, just type "thedestroyer" into the console at any time, or bind it to a key - ex. "bind z thedestroyer", Z being the key you want to use to activate the dual blade. *Dismemberment is now enabled in multiplayer (with the v1.04 code) to enable, type: g_dismember 100 cg_dismember 100 into the console (must be enabled on server to work) (this only needs to be set once) *The moves that have been altered- -roll forward, left, or right: cartwheel -roll backward: butterfly -jump: force jump style instead of pansy normal one -fast saber style: replaced with one-handed (Tavion) style -strong saber style: replaced with one-handed (Desann) style -backstab: all saber styles now do backstab instead of swing back -walk: now walks with saber raised, for effect while dueling -getup: instead of struggling off of the ground, you "force" getup I hope everyone likes this new version, as it was quite a feat on my behalf. I have never looked at (or compiled, for that matter) game source code before I made this mod. For anyone who's wondering, the regular, two-handed saber styles are in the same slots as the one-handeds used to be, so Tavion and Desann now fight two-handed. The reason why saber styles are only infinitely chainable in multiplayer is because Raven has only released the source code for multiplayer, not single player. Until this happens, saber styles will only be infinitely chainable in multiplayer.
  4. aidy


    Version v2


    This project started with the idea of making a female member for my clan [WotS] (see homepage) I wanted different female taunts than the ones available from game. They aren't "Strong" enough I thought. So I started recording sounds of catwoman from "Batman Returns" with the intention of making a skin that'll have clan logo on and a clan name.... But.... I then thought that I should at least give it a go, hence this skin now. The Model is Jan (Like you didn't already know!) I used existing skins as templates and cut and pasted from stills of Catwoman from the movie for the outfit. I then experimented with a shader (new to this I might add) looked at another one and built on that and got this "shiney" look that makes outfit look like PVC. (Don't read too far into this, it isn't a fetish or anything LOL!!) For version 2 I've just taken more time on the team players, gone by AmosMagee's suggestion about making stitching just the team colours, and have to admit was a good Idea and I think it works really well, although some of it you cannot see too well, but I think this is more to do with the shader than anything else. I've also removed one of the taunts and added the all important (to me!) "Meow" sound. For once I'm happy with end result, that happy in fact, I finished in one by adding bot support too. My ONLY groan about this job is the pony tail, I wish I knew how to get rid of it! Any feedback on how I could would be greatful. Two cats won't attack each other, which is making for good co-op/practice I think. Hope you enjoy her.
  5. aidy

    Spike (BTVS)


    And why......? I've put this one together as I've always liked the character "Spike" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Tshirt and jeans are taken from an actual picture of Spike and the sounds are from various fan sites that I have made useable for the game. Not entirely happy with it at the moment but thought I'd put it up and get some feed back. This is version 2 of the skin V1 never actually got posted will update eventually with bot and team support but not for a while as working on other stuff too. Credit for sounds go to all those fan sites out there that have the wav files on. I can't tell you them as I just did a search for spike sounds and used sites at random. Thanks to all those people, you know who you are i suspect :-)
  6. aidy

    Born Again & Errm

    Version v2


    And why......? It started one night whilst I was making a reskin of reborn, and my 7 year old niece&nephew were watching Alladin in the same room as me, listening to iago (The parrot) I thought how good some of the things he comes out with would work well as taunts! I was a little drunk at the time too I must admit! Then it carried on from there, Kusco(?) from Emperors New Groove had to be next! After remembering how comical I thought he was! Hope you all enjoy them, when I find something as funny I will taunt it too.
  7. aidy

    TJKS Skins


    These two are newest members to the clan I've started. They are just a mix of Reborn clothes (bit of boss here and a bit of acrobat there!) I've added a clan logo and members name on front and back, but front one gets half covered by the hood. (DAMMIT!!) But its the taunts that are my favourite! See if you can work out where they are actually from! Have fun.
  8. aidy

    Sounds Remix

    Version v2


    This is version2 of my sounds remix, I found too easy for people to sneak up on you with quieter jetpack sound! (Usually when lamers that are constantly attacking you the old file had its disadvantages!) The sounds are still not as loud as the origonal jediPLUS jetpack sounds, but are a lot easier to hear without being too loud.
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