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    note for JKhub staff: I'm sorry for those of you have to check this file every time it receives an update because the file is bloody huge. -NPCs- 327th 327th2 13th 13th2 13th_clean 13th_clean2 38th 38th2 212th 212th2 41st 41st2 KG KG2 187th 187th2 clone_engineer clone_engineer2 clone_shadowtrooper clone_shadowtrooper2 442nd 442nd2 ARC ARC2 ARC3 ARC4 ARC5 ARC6 ARC_Captain sergeant lieutenant captain commander sergeant2 lieutenant2 captain2 commander2 91st 91st2 91st_speeder 91st_speeder2 104th 104th2 assassin assassin2 assassin3 assassin4 41st_green 41st2_green 21st 21st2 21st3 21st4 clonemedic clonemedic2 332nd 332nd2 501st 501st2 91st_anaxes 91st2_anaxes doomtrooper doomtrooper2 coruscant_guard coruscant_guard2 501st_arc 501st_arc2 212th_arc 212th_arc2 13th_arc 13th_arc2 41st_arc 41st_arc2 41st_arc3 41st_arc4 shadow_arc shadow_arc2 91st_arc 91st_arc2 104th_arc 104th_arc2 187th_arc 187th_arc2 327th_arc 327th_arc2 442nd_arc 442nd_arc2 21st_arc 21st_arc2 21st_arc3 21st_arc4 501st_appo 501st2_appo 501st_bow 501st2_bow 501st_vill 501st2_vill 41st_gree (coruscant) 41st2_gree (coruscant) 41st_gree2 (green) 41st2_gree2 (green) 327th_bly 327th2_bly Notes: ARC_Captain seems to crash my game and I haven't figured out why, so I'd say it's best to test whether you can spawn it or not before properly trying to use it. All of these are phase 2 clones. to spawn helmetless clones (which are poorly ported, I know) the commands are the same as the ones up there, but with _helmless on the end. None of these are 100% accurate so please tell me if something needs or should have a fix. You can see in the screenshots that the 38th clone trooper has some textureless pistols. This happened to my 212th trooper and the problem was solved when I changed it from 212th to 212th_trooper, so do that if you have a problem of such. Some of these look very high quality and others look low, that's probably because some are 1024x1024 because I forgot to change them to 2048x2048. Let me know if you want a 1024x1024 version since it will work better in vanilla JKA most likely. -Skins- Currently no MP skin function yet you can do 'playermodel' and then one of them NPCs up there. -Single player- I have not tested it in vanilla JKA. It will most likely not work or crash in vanilla since it's based off of the high resolution version made by ashuradx. -Important- Please only select one of the pk3 files in the zip file, since they are different in voicelines. One of them has Temuera Morrison voicelines (clones in the movies), the other has Dee Bradley Baker voicelines (clones in the Clone Wars TV show). There will also be a seperate pk3 file for if you want to use the clones in KOTF or MD, since it just gives them clone blaster weapons, however it seems to glitch with me and if it has that problem again tell me and/or change the npc name (I'm unsure why that works and I'm unsure if it will work all the time since it makes little sense to me) Before you ask why there's no 501st and coruscant guard, it's because I didn't make them. They already exist, released by AshuraDX himself. I'll make my own versions if really deemed wanted. -things to come- -removing the gloss effect because it doesn't look realistic, particularly on the dirty clones. -adding more divisions, and potentially more commanders. I may also add heavy, officer and specialists for some divisions, two of which will be the 181st and the 87th. -better screenshots because the ones I've taken are poor. -all of the clones will work in modview because they are no longer progressive. this will help not only me because more people will click on it and give me clout, but I think it will also make the JKhub team happy as it's easy for them to check everything and upload my stuff quicker. -Credits- Credit to AshuraDX for letting me use his clone model. Credit to Tompa9 for letting me use the Movie Duels gloss effect for the troopers. Credit to Mandalorian for his Temuera Morrison head image (he's not been on JKhub since 2018 and his jango fett model states nothing about being able to use it or not, so I'll change the head if I get in trouble for using his Jango Fett head). Special thanks to the MD team for using my 13th battalion trooper in their next coming update (probably), which makes me very happy.
    I really like it! It looks like something out of a million dollar budget game if you compare it to the old scout trooper! Could you do a reskin that basically makes it a 41st elite corps scout trooper? I'd quite like that and I'm sure some others would too.
    I love them all, if you ever plan to make more, please make these hilts, I cannot find perfect images unfortunately but you might recognise them from ingame, it's called the diabolist student lightsaber, you could just call it saber_student or something unless there's a notable person that uses it.
    I love it, I can't really think of anything else to say about it other than that. Would there be any chance you can release the swtor stances that you have, as shown in the images?
  2. Lolok

    501st Legion Pack

    This is awesome! Small question, will you be making a phase 1 variant ( with a new helmet model, yet same body ) and/or other legions? Also, what animations have you got on there?
  3. 121 downloads

    Author: Lolok Name of mod: Battlefront 2004 Clone Voices Credits to: Cameron Kiesser (A youtuber, not modder) for giving me cut up files of his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qq0Gc_UAZ0&lc=z23wv3zyyruyzjkfqacdp432ennnfcnbtrhockfrrhlw03c010c.1551473585603571 This is a small clone voice file I've made, containing Temuera Morrison's voice lines from the 2004 Battlefront. NOTE: This isn't for any specific clone model so you'll have to change the sound folder name, but not the actual files. It is set as 'New_clones' so if you have a model set with that voice folder name, then you don't really have to do anything. I did name all of them after an Ashura soundpack addon so I may have missed out a few voiceline replacements but I'm not bothered. The deaths+injury sounds are also Republic Commando sounds. I did reuse some of the voicelines though, however you can still enjoy. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  4. Lolok

    Jedi Temple

    Man we need this with the MB2 graphics, I tried the new Temple map from MB2 itself and because it's made for a mission with cutscenes, most doors don't open without them and it's missing alot of rooms.
  5. How do I change the E-22 to replace the Repeater?
  6. Lolok

    Light Corvette

    Will you make a big area of open space outside it and a small hangar for the small version you use to fly ( I don't know if you get what I mean, but basically a flyable version of this ship, maybe replacing the z95 )
  7. Is there a way to fix this crashing with ultimateweapons? ( I don't know if that's the cause but it crashes when Vader gets shot )
  8. Yes but I can't find anything that's telling me how to start up SDL2. I only use my Mac for any games I already have bought anyway so I don't know all the features.
  9. Hey, could you try to make a more basic version that doesn't need OpenJK? My computer is a Mac and it won't work with .exe* files so I can't get OpenJK.
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