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  1. You can find most if not all of Punisher's released models aswell as many others in this repository, in the S&M/SW section: https://mega.nz/#F!70QlyAhI!6gBxD9_qNwXH9gUVLy99kg Not mine btw, don't know who made it.
  2. Alright got it, renaming the vertex groups as suggested by Jeff fixed it. Thanks guys.
  3. No I didn't. I've been looking to rename the weights following your instruction, but didn't find anything in the Weight Paint mode which would allow me to do that at first glance, and Google hasn't been very helpful in that regard. How can I rename them?
  4. I've been duplicating and mirroring the left arm of a model in Blender to make it a right arm, since the model's arms are asymmetrical, been renaming and parenting it and it's corresponding triangles, but when I export and load the model in ModView afterwards, the arm is in the middle of the model, pointing downwards. The model appears fine when reloaded in Blender though, although the duplicated and mirrored parts appear blue compared to the regular grey in solid 3D view. I'm guessing it has something to do with the vertex groups since it still has the ones from the original left arm, but I d
  5. There are a couple of Clone Commando models already, neomarz1 made one years ago which you can find on here, and there's another one floating on Filefront and ModDB. Still, nice model.
  6. Thanks a lot for the quick reply, that was very helpful. I got it now. Renaming the object in the Ghoul 2 properties under Object Data did the trick.
  7. I've been trying to add another mesh to a model in Blender, for example a torso_0 mesh renamed to torso_1 to a model which already has a torso_0, and I would need both of them to be displayed at the same time, but everytime I do so and export the model, when I import the model again, the first mesh gets deleted and replaced by the newer one with the same vertex group, ex. the original torso_0 automatically gets deleted and replaced by torso_1, which gets renamed into torso_0 and takes the original mesh's place. I believe the meshes using the same vertex group assignments is causing the issue,
  8. Update on the Vader model: Looks much better in game with the shaders, gave the chest control box and the shinguards a nice shiny look also, although one can't see it on the pictures, but the chestarmor/torso issue still isn't fixed though, one can still see through the gaps and through the model at certain angles. I've tried several things, such as merging the BF chestarmor with Toshi's one whose top portion has been deleted by joining them in Blender, but since the meshes aren't attached, they still move independently of one another
  9. @Teancum Scerendo's Poe Dameron comes with a Resistance flight suit - https://jkhub.org/files/file/2814-poe-dameron-finn-tfa-tlj/page/3/?tab=reviews&sort=newest#review-10765.
  10. For the main character models, you could use Punisher's Yavin Luke's or Scerendo's original Poe Dameron bodymodel, edit the textures and slap some heads on it. Kitbashing is really easy once you get down to it, if you need help in learning how to do so, just PM me. You can find decent models of both Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren ported from Force Arena here, in the Rebels pack - https://community.moviebattles.org/threads/lt-claims-workshop.60/page-10. As for Kylo and the prequel droid, there are some good models around here already, you can find the droid in the Prequel Conversion mod amongst o
  11. Thanks for the tip ByRoT, I'll keep that in mind. I'd ideally use the Rend2 and GL2 renderers once they are completed, maybe we could get a version compatible with the updated JAE by Rendsaurus, but replacing the renderer is not very high on the priority list as of now. Until the player and main characters have been completed, hopefully using the ported Jedi bodies from TFU, here's something else I am working on; a new Vader model, using Toshi's Vader as a base and outfitted with Backflip's ported BF3 Vader parts. While we have many good Vader models already, the ported BF3 helmet, mask,
  12. Thanks Devoted, any help is appreciated. Due to the scope of the project, I am reluctant in forming a team, since I have no ETA and I wouldn't want to put anybody under pressure, but everybody is welcome to contribute as they are able to, and if I need help with a particular subject asides from the ones mentioned already, I'll make sure to let the community know.
  13. So, first things first, I would like to replace the player and main character models, aswell as kitbashing many new alien races for the playercharacter customization. I would like to eventually replace all of the Jedi and Reborn bodymodels with Jedi robed ones similar to the ones in the movies, and although Hapslash's and Toshi's models are excellent, they are a bit outdated nowadays. I have been tinkering with their Jedi models and replaced their hands, legs and boots with higher detail ones from other models, and I intended to replace the textures with ones from TFU or the newer Battlefront
  14. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Remastered Since Jedi Academy is the most (relatively) recent installment of the series and the one I play the most, I will begin with this one before tackling on the others, using it and the Jedi Knight Enhanced mod as a base. I'll first start with explaining what I intend to do and what I have done already in order of priority, and get to the specifics later on: - Getting rid of all the outdated blocky models and replacing them all, player, NPCs, weapons and vehicles alike, with high quality ones as close to the originals in design as pos
  15. Dark Forces/Jedi Knight Remastered and various WIPs Greetings Jedi Knight modding community, I am a longtime JK player aswell as part-time modder and lurker on these forums, and have recently begun working on remastering these games which we all hold dear, and this thread will be dedicated to this project, aswell as to hosting my various WIP projects I might be working on. I intend to remaster these games from the ground up and eventually replace all of the important aspects with higher quality ones, from models, textures, to graphical and sound effects, to the rend
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