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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering, is there any way to use other lightsaber colors in basejka TFFA than red or blue? are there any commands or codes whats allow it? I made a very dope orange blade color and I'd like to use it in CTF and TFFA. Thanks for the help in advance! ? Cheers
  2. Hi all, I'm Ben, and I'd like to ask you how can I apply effects permanent on my character? I'm new in this kind of stuff. I mean, I'd like to apply the "Tavion got possessed" effect on my character permanent in MP, and the Tavion possessed sword effect on my saber. Can it be done? And if the answer is yes, then how can it be done? Thanks for answers and help in advance! Cheers! ?
  3. Tompa9, where can I download the stances? My God... you two guys a dream come true really... I dreamed for years somebody will do a proper JKA Revan model, with good (in your case excellent) skinning/texturing job, and THE STANCES!!! You are the Chosen Ones!!!
  4. I'm really looking forward to play with this mighty Warrior and Legend. Did you do the shaders and everything?
  5. My sweet GOD... it's awesome! Did you make the whole model or the basics of the model is ported?
  6. Really nice work, Tompa! just a question: which saber blade skin/mod do you use?
  7. Hi, Could you extract the Predacious Lightsaber from SWTOR? I really would love to play with that hilt in JKA. Thank you! Cheers, Ben
  8. You didn't get me... I can make them to work in JKA, I can do it too, I need the source files... And I asked somebody in this thread to extract them for me.
  9. The Predacious lightsaber hilt, it was a ranked pvp reward in season 6 , and the Dark Reaver lightsaber model.
  10. Hi guys, I'd like to ask somebody, who know how to do it, please, extract the lightsaber models from SWTOR. I really want to get a couple of models, and when I make it to work with JKA, I wiull upload here. Thank you for your help! Cheers, -Tulak_Hord-
  11. Hi guys, I'd like to ask somebody who can extract files from SWTOR, please, If you can extract the Predacious Lightsaber. Can someone do that to me? Thank you! Cheers, Ben
  12. Thanks, it's working, guys! Just one last questin: I have a little mod, what extend the cg_fov value till 300. I copied it into the base folder, but it isn't working in jk2mv mod? Is there an other cg_fov mod for jk2mv or if it isn't, how can I fix that problem? I love to play with cg_fov 110... Thanks for the answers!
  13. NubSmoo, what is jk2mv? I mean, what is the meaning of "mv" at the and of jk2? Does it support Jk2 1.02 version? I really wouldn't like to play with 1.03 or 1.04...
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