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  1. Hey! I really like the idea of making this character real, looks quite badass. I have an eye for kitbashing and had a few ideas if you don't mind trying them out Anyways, I instantly recognized that the legs look extremely similar to the Darth Maul legs without the skirt. With some brighter boots, it'd look pretty spot on maybe minus the bit of armor on the feet. https://gyazo.com/b458c288bbbe6d76f96beb27c9da4efa As for Ren's skirt, I instantly thought of the KOTOR Jedi model. That made black with perhaps some padding from this Samurai model from mrwonko.de and it'd look dead on. https://gyazo.com/a1e9cc0b347847b6dad30e6343a7f3e9 https://gyazo.com/387219bcc16642491654c0676702f086 The belt looks nearly identical to that of the TFU version of Darth Sion, which someone ported, so you could use that. https://gyazo.com/71ef4c524d38e324fa19f2ed1a1c2b2b And then there's the mask... I was thinking a retextured Jedi Temple Guard mask would work excellently. https://gyazo.com/4a2c19aa71049de1266ac0f2c8803859
  2. Thanks, if only I had the patience to implement the model ;-; Yeah I checked yours out and it looks dope, using the same KOTOR skin edit for the base model which is cool. I was looking into making an Indomitable kitbash but I couldn't find the right model parts to get the result I wanted so I gave up. Good luck though, your work looks promising too
  3. I've had some time to work on some older kitbashes that I started and, for the most part, I've finished putting Mandalore together. I've yet to export the model and implement it into the game but the model is complete. Depending on the source Mandalore's armor has different colors, so I made a couple variations:
  4. Yep, the shaders are done too. The only thing the model is really lacking is a soundpack, I could have used his voice lines from TOR but I don't really like them and in KOTOR Revan didn't have a voice so I'm not bothered by him being mute for the time being.
  5. Thank you, I'm quite proud of it myself hehe & no, it's a kitbash (also known as a "Frankenstein"). I took parts from around 3 models, put them together, edited the parts and textures heavily and bam: the final model.
  6. This is my realm of WIP, where I will post pictures of kitbashes that I've yet to complete. Unfortunately my time is mostly occupied by studying and laziness so most of my work remains in blender, never to be implemented into the game, for me to gawk at but recently my friend Tompa9 has offered to finalize some of them for me so that they can be enjoyed in game (Huge thankies a thousand times over btw). Darth Revan Darth Revan in his classic KOTOR look is one of my first kitbashes, the model is currently implemented into the game and fully playable but I lack the permissions required to upload it at the moment.
  7. You've inspired me to make my own kitbash, my idea is to make a more KOTOR accurate Darth Revan model with high quality. BTW which hood is that? No matter how hard I look I can't find it ;-;
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