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  1. Yes, you got it right. If you remember a mod or several mods with new weapons, please write here. Thanks)
  2. Hi everyone. I got the idea to make a savepack, but in order diversify the gameplay, I want to add new weapons in game. I mean, its not model that replace E-11, for example. Something brand new. I saw in Movie Battles II different weapons with regular 9 in JK. Can I drag weapons (like EE-3 or E-22)? If yes, maybe someone can help to do this.. Thanks for your attention! And sorry for my clumsy eng(
  3. Hi, guys. I speak English poorly, but I hope you understand me. Recently I downloaded JKG, but the mod wildly lags (my computer is powerful). I don't know why. I use non-Steam version and OpenJK. Have you answer to this? I just cannot play. The mouse cursor is in a different place after a few seconds, as soon as I move it.
  4. Hello. I have a little problem. I recently started using JKHub and download the models, maps, etc. And I want to find a replacement for "Repeater". Namely - DLT-19. Someone has a model of this blaster? Or, who knows, where to download it? Help, please. I will be grateful I recently started using JKHub and shakinghence the models, maps, and the like
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