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  1. can i get the names of the maps you used?
  2. Could i use this in a possible future SP map? Im planning on making a mission where you have to save prisoners.
  3. I used this for the fight with tavion, and lets say tavion didnt really want to face me again.
  4. And, I've discovered that when you spawn tavion with the scepter, tavion simply has 2 scepters and has an invisible sniper instead of a saber. Can you fix this?
  5. Also, during the cutscene that plays before the fight with tavion, tavion's lightsaber is replaced with another scepter. Can you have this fixed? Thanks!
  6. How exactly do you spawn this npc? Im braindead :I
  7. i have been looking for a map like this FOREVER. Thank you so much! Also cool map!
  8. im still going to chuck something into a cultists face
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