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  1. Honestly makes me want to see this in a future remake/port for the game. Looks pretty official.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the sabers. Chances are Plasma's already on top of it.
  3. I'm not sure about any new Star Wars games for the site outside of the other Jedi Knight titles, but I'm curious how other Raven Software games would fare here. Otherwise, very excited for the upcoming updates. And I enjoyed the ambient video on Kejim.
  4. Considering the quality, I have a hard time seeing the JKA myself. It looks fantastic!
  5. This is sweet! It makes me hope to bring more young gamers and Star Wars fans into JA myself. I have fond memories of it from being a kid and I love how the younger generations can still enjoy it.
  6. I'm curious if anyone would want to try their hand on modeling one of the characters that was given concept art for the cancelled Darth Maul game. In this case, Gareth Lorca. I think he looks cool and would fit well as a Jedi Academy model.
  7. Just picked it up on Switch. It's $30 USD, so a little steep for a remaster. That said, I'm enjoying it very much. The game holds up well and the tune ups are very welcome. I recommend it.
  8. Not gonna lie, I'm almost second guessing my vote. Very promising mods this contest.
  9. 20 downloads

    A simple replacement for the Generator Room duel map for multiplayer for anyone who prefers to play on the vanilla map provided by Raven. The mod simply replaces the Korriban track from the base game to a variation of Duel of the Fates used in Revenge of the Sith.
  10. I'm hyped. Nightdive has a pretty solid track record (I personally loved Blood: Fresh Supply). I'll probably commit a cardinal sin and pre order this.
    It's a simple one, but a good one. Definitely want to see this model expanded upon.
    This map is the reason I ended up playing Unreal Tournament. And somehow I prefer this version over the official CTF-Face. A new absolute favorite of mine. The Halloween variant is a nice touch too.
  11. I was talking to my Dad about Jedi Academy at one point and he brought up the idea of a Kenner Lightsaber for the game. I got curious about it and I figured I'd ask if anyone would be interested in giving it a shot. I figured either the inflatable saber or the "Force Lightsaber" toy would be appropriate.
    The blades are simple but nice. The trails seem to resemble their Wii counterpart, particularly when using a kata. The hud on the other hand is very barebones in my opinion. It feels very basic, even compared to its already basic source design. The ammo feels a little tacked on the bottom corner and more importantly, I can't see where my shields are. Which is rather jarring to me. Still, I can see an update improving the mod significantly.
    My only gripe is that I want more of it. It's small, yet brimming. Makes me want to set up npcs walking the streets while I play some cards and eat some noodles with friends. Strong RP'ing vibes here.
  12. Oh dang, this is incredibly nostalgic. I'll be downloading this ASAP!
  13. Does anyone know if the original article from the magazine has surfaced on the Internet?
  14. GamerRedNeck


    I'm not sure if I messed something up in installing the file. But for some reason, the whole map is covered in a blinding white fog.
  15. GamerRedNeck


    I'm amazed it's taken this long for an AT-AT mod to finally show up for Jedi Academy. Not that I'm complaint, I'll be downloading this for sure.
  16. GamerRedNeck


    Simple, but effective. I dig it.
  17. This is incredibly nostalgic! Thanks for making this!
  18. I see why you chose the winners. Well done guys. Still was fun to give it a shot.
  19. 20 downloads

    I decided to make two different banner ideas as a way to see which one would work better for the website, whether it be a collage of sorts that shows aspects of the games, or a screenshot of a seemingly iconic moment in Jedi Academy. (I reuploaded this because the original post was in jpg, not png)
    It's a pretty straightforward map. But what it lacks in size and complexity, it more than makes up for in design. It's very well polished and professionally made. Very beautiful. And it has bot support which is always a win.
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