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  1. I hate it when mods say npc support but they don't say the codes. I've looked all over and I can't spawn obi-wan
  2. This may be a tall order, but would you be willing to do other movie characters as well? There is no good Ben Kenobi, or Han Solo npcs.
  3. Is the kyle model yours? can you post it? it's really good
  4. could you imagine rosh screaming "SINGLE PLAYER SUPPORT" during cutscenes?
  5. I did everything, but it won't put the yourhilt file in utility. It saves, but it doesn't pop up and it gives me an error
  6. Idk if I installed it right. It says Jedi Academy Enhanced on the title screen, but I haven't notice any changes besides sound effects. Could you explain where each file goes? I normally just play around in SP on MP maps and just do sandbox stuff. And some customization stuff like clothes and heads (Some of the heads are invisible) RGB options aren't showing, custom sabers aren't there and are not being holstered, I can't use any of the cheats for force powers, point of view, or the stances. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated. This is all confusing to me.
  7. Daft Lord Serious

    Gungan npcs

    Jar Jar did nothing wrong
  8. I don't understand how this works. It sounds promising, but I don't know if it has steps. I'm hesitant to install it.
  9. I can't get them to spawn. Is there a limit to the number of npcs you can download? If so is there a way to fix this?
  10. Is this still being worked on. It sounds neat and I plan on playing it, but I'd like to see a finished version too
  11. Can you make a JK Academy npc please? And Leia with all her outfits?
  12. How do I make an npc file? And can I use this as a playermodel in sp?
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