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  1. I emerge from one video game addiction only to be sucked into another...

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    2. Bane_Ross


      For me it's Medic Dressup 2... In all seriousness though, I main medic, and it's a lot of fun. I've met a lot of awesome people too. (and btw I did draw my profile picture)

    3. Ping


      Those are some pretty good drawing skills though, not bad.

    4. Bane_Ross
  2. I will admit, I'm not really looking forward to the movie. However, I did think the new stormtrooper design was pretty sweet. And with DT making the model for JKA? Might have to go into my happy dance XD
  3. Bane_Ross


    Um, the Hoth outfit is there. Unless you mean you want that option all the time. But I'm not going to mess with this one anymore. It's done. Also, the hilts are my reskins of various authors' work, and therefore are not available for release.
  4. I like the way the hair is going, but I think you need to work on making it less uh, mirrored. That's what really sticks out to me. And I know that trying to make the hair on hapslash's model look good is a pain, but try to add some variation to one side of the head, so it looks a little better when wrapped onto the model. Other than that, I definitely like the way your textures are progressing
  5. I'm alive! ...Not that anyone worried...

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    2. Bek


      Well practice makes perfect I guess. I've been working on my Sniper recently, but I'm mainly a good Engineer. I could not in any way be a good medic I'm so bad at it.

    3. Bane_Ross


      Well, I've tried scout and pyro a few times (I'm a closet pyromaniac!) but I was complete cannon fodder. I also tried medic, and decided it would be a little better since my aim's not so hot... I read some guides on being a good medic, and I'm trying to practice those tips. I'm still incredibly susceptible to snipers though. Don't shoot me! ;)

    4. Bek



      I could never handle being a scout, he's wayy too jittery, and I may be a little paranoid, but I think the AI of all of the bots try to target you when your a scout XD. I never thought about reading guides for being a class though, I probably should start doing that seeing how the soldier seemingly has a grudge against me.


      Tip- Tune up the mouse sensitivity whenever you play so it's easier to aim.

  6. Skyrim leads to heartbreak, in the end.

    1. Tempust85


      Skyrim led to boredom in the end for me. :P

    2. eezstreet
    3. Bacon


      led me to be a master pickpocket.


  7. "Since Disney is crapping all over the EU" ...exactly how I feel, man. Also, the skins look great!
  8. *Leaves the land of Skyrim to visit the curious mortals of the internet* *Sees 50 billion notifications on activity of thread* *Scrolls through progress of model* *Enters fangirl mode and begins crying tears of joy* Seriously, DT, amazing work. I especially love how realistic his eyes are. And I'm glad the earring was included
  9. Yup. Addicted to Skyrim.

    1. katanamaru


      One day I'll have a computer that can run Skyrim. Then I too hope to be addicted.

    2. Bane_Ross


      My laptop can just barely run it, on its lowest settings. I hope someday to own a computer that allows me to run Skyrim at its highest potential. But even at low quality, DANG, the graphics are amazing...

  10. Well of course. I just couldn't come up with a fancier explanation.
  11. Upset that my female Revan can't romance Canderous... Also trying to resist jumping back into TOR.

    1. Bek


      I know this has nothing to do with it, but I thought you may find it funny http://kabochan.deviantart.com/art/In-Memoriam-34570833

    2. Bane_Ross


      Haha that was great!

    3. Bek


      I just found my old Xbox, I might do a playthrough of the game (for like the 40th time)

  12. That new swoop bike looks awesome! And of course, all the rest looks fantastic as well
  13. All of these are fantastic, but I particularly love the new staff and sword models. Great work!
  14. Playing KotOR for the first time. Think I'm in love with Canderous.

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    2. Tempust85


      Diggin' dat low poly Canderous :D

    3. Omicron
    4. Ping


      It surprises me that I didn't like Canderous at all a few years ago, but now he's one of my favourite characters.

  15. Bane_Ross

    Ben Skywalker

    I like the color scheme for the robes
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