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  1. That would be awesome! I'm not making a mod or anything, but I was just curious if there was one, because it's such an awesome planet. I would appreciate if you made the map as well as the community, I'm sure.
  2. Yes, an Npc spawning menu would be awesome!
  3. Is there a Cato Neimoidia map for Jedi Academy or Outcast?
  4. Serenity, you uploaded this video of your base folder awhile ago, but I was wondering how you got the kotf character selection screen, and maps, and all the MB2 maps to show up in your menu without affecting the rest of your game. I have tried to unpack and repack various files and I can't seem to figure it out.
  5. Hey, awesome mod! I love it! I installed your engine and Movie Duels 2 and your combat system worked in movie duels 2. The problem though is that without godmode enabled I die during the cutscenes. I just thought I would share. As far as I can tell everything else works fine. A few weird animations in the cutscenes as well, but gameplay is flawless.
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