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  1. So here's my number. Now call me maybe! It was so fun making that TMBJ/TMBG mix. The map itself was kinda a first for JK2, so the music had to be pretty epic. I don't really have time to mod anymore. Wife, kids, business... all take up a lot of time. I do dream about it though, and love looking at the work others do (both from professionals and hobbyists). I'm SOOO digging the games that are popping up on Steam, and would love to be involved in a project like that. I actually have this vision for a game... based on a way I used to design some maps and a specific fighting style. I called it a "Migrating Duel", and the room "Migration Industries" in the TMBJ map is meant for that type of gameplay. It's basically a duel where you are always in motion around each other, but also down a path of sorts away from the starting area. The path might be straight, have some obstacles, various heights, things that move and can injure you. It requires you to be really aware of your environment as well as your opponent. I'd always try to teach the concept when on that map, and when done right it's kind of like a dance. Two people who know how to migrate well kind of take turns taking the lead. One may drop down to an outcropping, while the other jumps up to a bridge and immediately DFA's down to the outcropping. It's really quite elegant in action, and much more like sword duels one would see in movies. So, if I do mod or anything, it'll likely be to help create a JK-style fighting game, set in colonial times with environmental design specifically catered to migrating duels.
  2. Feel free, if it's not a hassle.
  3. There's no chance that I'll convert the maps to JK3 (since I don't play it, and stick to JK2 when possible). However it looks like lil_binger is taking a run at it, if he can get the files (someone other than me assembled the pack at release... I was more of a spiritual figurehead!)
  4. I'm quite sure it wasn't me. There's some maps there I would be too embarassed to upload!
  5. It looks like a bunch had already been added by a "ShroomDuck Imposter" a while back. Finally someone impersonating me actually did something good.
  6. Hia! Most of them are on that site: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/developer/ShroomDuck;1447 You'll either love them or hate them. I never tried to be a good mapper, but rather a good conceptualist. Creativity and gameplay were always put in front of technical skill and brush prowess. My only regret is a map I had half-done called "Speed of the Jedi". It was an awesome concept. Basically you spawn on a bus that is going about 80 km/h and... we'll that's it really. Oh, except that you can exit the bus and jump around on the other cars around you. I guess the cool part is that it appears that you are moving at high speed, with the road going by beneath you. I had triggers on the road so if you fell, you were bounced back (and if skill & luck were with you, you would recover at the front of a semi, or the back of a pickup or some other car in between you and the actual death-zone of the highway far behind the play area ). It was a lot of fun having all these different vehicles as static fighting areas, and the traditional 'fall to your death' was limited by what you could do to recover. It made for some frantic fights where the tide could turn very quickly and it always felt fresh and unexpected.
  7. And ShroomDuck's maps were the first maps I made. Also a true story!
  8. Thx ya'll. Circa: It's ok, I don't mind using this name. It's some pretty interesting stuff that seems to be going on around here. I've been looking around and really had no idea that much of a community was still involved.
  9. Hello. My name is ShroomDuck. AMA. But seriously, I was outraged to find that someone here stole my username! Imposters everywhere! So I'll have to make-do with "ShroomDucky", which now that I think of it, sounds even cuter. Heehee! So how y'all doin'?
  10. 1,581 downloads

    Ah yes. My first map after a looooong hiatus. My vision was to create a more realistic and fun-filled DeathStar than was available with JK2. Hope ya'll enjoy!
  11. 684 downloads

    So, I swore I'd never do another Country Roads themed map. I know as well as anyone that it's become a tired theme. But here I am, releasing one. I guess I like the silliness involved with having saber battles on a farm. This is like... for sure the last Country Roads map for JK2/JKA. I hope you enjoy, ya hear?
  12. 91 downloads

    Created to compliment the type of play found on the LiCk server... the first JK2 server to implement and enforce the "No Saber, No Attack" rules, among others. This map was designed to be pure fun, and features some challenging jumps, a duel room with a destructable floor, and some other hidden points of interest.
  13. 89 downloads

    An imposing tower... home of the Boognish looms before all wary Jedi. This map features a series of breakable floors as one tumbles down its depths. Fear the Boognish!
  14. 522 downloads

    This map takes place in Otoh Gunga - Gungan City, and is based on the locations seen in Episode 1. Features a custom skybox, organic design and some fun dueling areas.
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