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  1. It's in Movie Battles II files
  2. I think it's in Plasma's hilt pack. Yes it is, replaces Luke's saber ingame.
  3. I had just gotten the lightsaber and there was a guy sitting on a bench, what was i suposed to do?! I'll try to fight the rodian on another difficulty, 50 hp isn't enough BTW attacking the med droid made my game kick to the main menu.
  4. Just for the ambient music and revisiting the good ol' Yavin temple from JKO it's worth it , only found 1 secret so far, so i'll search again. Does the rodian only give out two tries?, because i couldn't activate him a third. EDIT: This is why we can't have nice things
  5. It was a lie, now i got siths in my laptop. PD:Great work
  6. The Movie Battles 2 team is working on it, https://trello.com/c/LQa2laaP/276-ib-94-blaster-pistol Release date who knows.
    10/10, would wait another year without progress news again.
  7. Mhhh weird, though i was using the maximum detail, anyhow, medium still very good looking.
  8. Love it ?, just found a little problem, and it's varely noticeable, there is a small mesh piece floating on the right elbow, it only appears when looking down. -snip-
  9. There are no words (or gif) to express what i'm feeling.
  10. After 3 years without replies i don't think much was made.
  11. But a scrath made model is always better than a kitbashed one with questionable texture quality, no offense to Jeff, he does great stuff.
  12. Didn't notice ingame that they use a resized battledroid chest as armor : O Edit: messed up the quote, ended doubleposting ?
  13. Does anyone know what happened to Liam, the existence of this thread drifted through my mind a few moments ago and how he banished from the face of the earth, the twitter account on his profile doesn't exists anymore. I guess his disappearance is related with a busy life, but you know, just wondering. PD: Sorry for the necroing.
  14. Is it allowed to reply only with gifs? If so... Looks great!
  15. Must say the head and hair are spot on, and the rest too, but those look like they were modeled from scracth. ?
  16. There is one in game that has the same color as Endor Luke so, i guess you have that already done if u kitbash it or use the texture. Image shows all poncho's icons, i guess it's a spoiler?
  17. Thats looks really, but really, good, but the gloved hand it's the left one, 0/10! (joke, better say it, as it's hard to notice through text) ? Also will he have a wardrobe full of ponchos?
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