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  1. I don't know if it only happens to me, but the hair is a bit buggy. In some maps, you can see through it and therefore, through the head.
  2. Why do I see the sea pitch black?
  3. Reminds me a bit of Metroid.
  4. Kylerocks


    It's a shame this map was never finished. The "story" part of the map, if you use noclip to get there, is a pretty good idea.
  5. Wow, the second JOC map. I thought I wouldn't find that one again.
  6. I remember that one. A bit empty in some areas, but still a great map with a lot of replay value thanks to the crypt and trial area (loved them!).
  7. Looks really cool, treehouse textures were missing for me but that was all. I couldn't find the beach area though .
  8. I solved it resizing the brush. Maybe it was too big or had a bad shape. Now I have a problem with the water. I used water_quicktrip (has no shader image in Radiant) twice, but it only works in one place (the other is just invisible water).
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